July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

7 – Attractive


10 – One in a lifetime


Enjoying Sexuality



general details

Was traveling along the west coast and had some free time. Sent Liz a note and got a prompt reply. Gave her a call, we chatted and set a time for later that night. Followed her instructions, knocked on the door and met a friendly, confident woman who would rock my world…VIPs read on

The Juicy Details

Went inside, sat and talked a little. She asked what my interests were and replied a little mutual massage, anal play and then good clean fun. She smiled. We headed to the back, got cleaned up and naked. Fell onto the bed to start making out. She rolled me over and did a short but wonderful massage. Started a little licking and followed it up with a world-class rim work.

Couldn’t stand it, rolled over and went down on her. A wonderful tasting pussy lips greated me. Worked her for a while and pushed her to a thigh-squeezing orgasm. She mentioned that usually didn’t happen on the first date. I smiled and told her she deserved it as a wonderful hostess.

She flipped me on my back and went to the boys and their leader. Wonderful sucking job ensured. Did that for a while, covered up and worked through a variety of wonderful positions… Pumping away, i lost it and we collapsed together. Chatted for a bit. It was late, so I got dressed and left…but not until we shared a lingering kiss with promise of more next time.