December 17, 2012
Bob the Billionaire
December 17, 2012

Liz: Umm ok, I had a pretty wild night – but I told Michael and his “Uncle” what happens in Florence stays in Florence!! He knows I told you about our first time and

he was “pissed” in a cute polite way he said it was very very bad – in his sexy Italian accent. But you know I’m gonna tell you – how could I not! I didn’t tell him I told his Dad too- I was too nervous to tell him that part-and I was sort of thinking that maybe he did anyway –

Hannah – I promise I wont tell. I’m dying to hear!

Liz: We drank like …crazy – all really drunk, mini bar emptied along with the wine I had in my room. Its a good thing I took pictures and Michael took pictures too with my camera.. It helped me piece together the night I still don’t remember all the details and I’m still not sure.. how the dildo was used ..or who it was used on. I remember telling Michael where to find it…lol and I do recall being on the bed – oh god! lol

It started off with me and Michael texting and him saying he is coming tonight to my hotel and wants to bring a family friend with him.  I texted back cool, see you tonight (excited on the inside)

I  was getting ready for my Italian visitors thinking how cool would it be if Vinnie (Michaels Dad) is the “family friend” lol – I can have a father son..kind of thing happ’n.  I got a call and it was Michael on the other end, but he sounds just like his Dad and when he said we will be by in another hour – I thought it was his Dad, and I said, oh ok – are you with Michael? And he laughed and said this is Michael – such a cute laugh … I know I have said that a lot – but it really is.  So I laughed back, and said ok, gave him my room number etc. Earlier, I had sent his Dad an email because now I really was worried I had crossed a line with him when I told him how I gave his son a bj – although I don’t think I gave him details . An email popped up right after the phone call with Michael – perhaps Michael told him how funny it was  I thought it was his Dad that called.

The email was a relief when he said, lines crossed at all – I have just been busy. Enjoy Florence and I’m sorry I am not able to get together. I sent him an email back. I offered up my daughter (either one) in efforts to “even the score” if there was a score that is, to settle.  Sent him some naked pictures of a girl in black boots.. and he wrote right back.. saying he was cool with it all.. he was just busy and heading to Berlin. SO – feeling less guilty and worried made me more at ease and free to play with me in a “frisky” mood 🙂

Michael comes in, big tall strapping young lad lol – and behind him is his “uncle” which is actually Daddy’s best and oldest friend – a french guy, name Jean Luke – seemed nice enough (slightly still hoping Daddy would be the surprise – but I go with the flow lol) we sit and jump into conversation and the drinks – I bought a new outfit to wear .. I wanted to look hot and I was so sick of my travel clothes. I sat on couch next to Jean Luke and Michael sat in the chair across from us. I asked Michael if he told his Dad.. and he said no!!! SO.. I said.. oh ..ok.. yeah me either… but I told him I told you because your my bff… and he smiled I think he got turned on lol that I told you.  He said, that’s ok.

As the night progressed Michael tells me he wants to watch me suck on his “uncles” cock while he watched. I was “proud” of Michael lol – seriously for being so…. open minded and fun sexually at such a young age.  Uncle Jean Luke (JL) had already played with my titties and our sex talk had already surpased the kinky mark  – so really wasn’t a stretch to unzip him and ask Michael to at least stroke himself lol … I gagged on JL’s cock – and Michael got turned on and said -“oh love it, every guy wants to hear that gagging sound” – then he grabbed my camera –  I was shocked that he would grab the camera!! I would never ever have done that – but he not only grabbed it but started shooting away! Then Michael says he has to take a piss – and I said – why don’t you guys go on me!  So we all go into the bathroom and I hold the camera up high, just to get top of heads and both streaming piss on me –

There is a great shot.. of Michael and Uncle JL’s  dicks out in bathroom pissing on me.  I will delete it because it shows to much of Michael’s face. But will show you before I do.  I haven’t downloaded it yet but will.. took a shot of coffee table too of all the cigarette butts and empty mini bar bottles.. I’m hungover and gonna sleep again. I really don’t remember the entire night – it’s coming back in pieces.

Hannah: Wow, Oh baby. I’ll be back in LA on Monday though and def want to check out the boys’ dicks. Would be great if Michael was into strap on like daddy! My sister just left after a week with us and we’ve fled to SF to recover.

Liz: Oh you’re in “Keith land” – maybe swing by and “hug” him for me lol. I have been so hungover from last night. I’ve been recouping all day, woke up long enough to send Michael an email reassuring him “what happens in Florence… stays in Florence” and I told him I deleted the photos. He sent an email right back saying he was pissed that I told his Dad about the first time we hooked up – and said it was “really bad” I sent back I’m really But he didn’t write back. I don’t want to piss him off..or worry him that I will be passing around photos and telling everyone about last night.  I really do care about him, and thought it would be a turn on..clearly I’m not a “private” person”  umm there’s even  a book about me fucking ..young guys! being a slutty cougar – ya’know – but I really don’t want him to think I would do anything to hurt him and I really can be discreet – well — I can.. for now on that is.

Hannah: Geez, how bad can it be? I just can’t imagine Vinny giving him any shit for this. So sorry he’s mad. I’m sure he’ll get over it. I still want to see those photos, of course, if you haven’t quite deleted them yet;-)

Liz: Sheisse hitting the fan. (I’m learning German, I know how to say “slut” “shit” and “breakfast” lol) – I sent Vinnie an email saying I had a good night in Florence and I made a promise not to say what happened.  Vinnie. sent me an email immediately back asking me to delete the photos please!! I don’t know yet if it was Jean Luke  or Michael that told him about it.. but I reassured him that I would and that I wouldn’t tell anyone (not even you!) so if ever mentioned.. look completely clueless…about anything.. that may (or may not) have happened!

I’m a bad…bad cougar. It is sort of..ironic and funny.. that I end up doing his son.. right? AND his son is  the one grabbing the camera!  I sent Michael an email (he left a lighter here) saying if he didn’t hate me – he’s welcome to come pick up (secretly hoping now that I’m such forbidden fruit that he will totally fuck me, and fuck me hard as soon as he walks in the door).. plus now that I got this “discreet” thing down.. lol

Anyway.. I digress . I told him that I got an email from Daddy  and that I wanted to be sure Michael didn’t think that I was the one that said anything – I actually think it was Jean Luke that probably filled in Vinny.. anyway – will find out tonight, I don’t this to all get blown out of proportion and drama filled.. (well more than it already is…) not sure what Vinny’s patience level is on this..and really don’t want to piss him off. to you soon. Remember know nothing!!

Hannah: All so weird. Maybe it’s about Michael’s mom. Vinny probably doesn’t want her knowing he had any part in corrupting their son. Me, I know nothing. Just keep one photo so I can see his dick. Michael can’t complain about anything with no face!

Liz: I sent both Michael and Vinny  an email – both “cute” and easy going. flirty to Vinny (telling him I wished he was the “friend” that Michael said he was going to bring) and for Michael  straight up saying lets play step mommy lol and while you have your beautiful dick in my mouth keep telling me how I can’t tell your daddy. I heard back from Michael but it was so late by then and I had already gotten myself off (really big one) that I said next time. He had been drinking and I could tell I was being a bad influence, he is trying to be good. I can tell.

I’m off to Brussels to do a married couple and a Berlin guy then to Paris. I love Paris.

Hannah: You are a naughty, naughty girl. I can just see how red Michael’s. face turned when he read that message. And how big his smile was, even if he’s trying to behave. Like son like father.

Liz: Left my harness in Florence at the hotel. I asked Michael’s dad if he could stop in and pick it up for me lol

Hannah: You are an evil devious, nasty woman. And that’s why I love you.