My “son” coming to visit
December 18, 2012
3 some for xmas
December 20, 2012

Liz: :  I’m sorry you couldn’t make it last night,but I totally understand.

I went out to dinner with some friends and then my “son” came to pick me up. We drank in my room. My suite was really huge, and pretty.

 It came with a town car that was limo like so got a ride to the bev hills event – guy opens door for I love arriving like that.  Anyway we ended up going to the hotel bar and talked to 2 other guys. One of them was standing super close to me and was touching my leg every so often rubbing higher and higher up my thigh highs, he said you know we know each other.. and I’m like hmmm really? He did look familiar but I have no idea of it was just fantasy on his part or if I really did know him. Its happening more and more that people “know” me – I went to bank yesterday to open account and the branch manager was someone I had as a client before. Funny.

I liked the older rich guy but didn’t want to ignore my “son” . The guy that was standing next to me – at this point, practically on me. I had to gently tell him not cool to keep sliding his hand up and down and whispering in my ear (several times with Tequila breath) how I had a “killer body” always nice to hear – but once I told him I was with someone he left disappointed. The other guy though and my guy got along pretty well- he was almost like a daddy lol and we all went to the Montage because the bars were all closed and really quiet even earlier the bars were pretty dead. Me and the older guy (John) started hitting it off more and playing with each other at bar. Anyway we leave before my “son” because hes chatting up some woman that turned out to be crazy chic – I figured that out right away and tried to pull hm away (being a protective mom that I am) but he stayed for maybe 10 extra mins which gave me and rich older guy “daddy” time to make out a bit on my bed – just kiss etc.. nothing major then our son came in so we drank some more and then I had a girlfriend come over – I think it became to much for rich older daddy so he left – he tossed a 100 buck bill on table – not sure …why but figured..hmm ok.


We partied the 3 of us me ,Millie and Alex he liked her but (not as much as you) 😉 around 5 am I told her were going to sleep – I was wiped out -and he was in my bed ..soooo cute. I crawl in joking and spooning him she was getting ready to go and my son sticks his cock in between my legs.. and starts doing a thigh fuck lol and Millie asks “are you two fucking” ?! we said uhh no – which we technically weren’t. Then she goes into bathroom to put on more of my new make up (which she loved and couldn’t get enough of) she’s 30 (looks and 24) she’s pretty. I am attaching a shot from last night. When shes in bathroom Alex grabs a condom and we are still spooning and slips it on and in..felt so fucking good we fucked while she went in and out of room getting ready to go. 😉 After she left, we fell asleep – passed out. He left 2 hours later I could hear him on the phone with his mother (his…real one lol) and I could hear her sort of and could tell she was angry that he had been out all night – he is staying with her while in LA. oh..this is funny shes my age and she is an HR (Human resource) Consultant. Me and her would get along probably very well. I used to be an HR director


Annie: She’s sexy, really pretty. That’s a funny story. I’m surprised he could wait that long before slipping it in. That’s awesome the suite came with a car. It must have been nice. That’s weird he has to explain himself to his mom at his age. It’s not like he’s 16. Maybe that’s where his mommy-issues stem from? What do you think will happen with him? Will he back to hang with you again while he’s here? What are your plans for Christmas?

Liz: He’s staying with her (while visiting) and I think it was more like she was just worried because he just got into town..and he’s staying there over xmas. I don’t think its mommy issues. It was really cute and funny though as he let himself out, he said “bye Mommy” in a really sweet ..kind of natural way lol

He has gorgeous hair and ..  body and cock all very nice. Hes a really good looking guy (and really nice, smart too) He wanted to fuck me first thing I got in the car…then when we first got into the room. I just wanted to pace him 😉 thats why I moved us to the bar.
I doubt I will do to much for Xmas, but I did have Santa over the other night – right before I had a 3 some 😉  He arrived in a full suit. I have a different one up on my site as photo of week – not sure which one I like better.

Liz: yeah I know what you mean as much as I love Keith, I would never drop my life…and move in with him ..or be a full time gf. I would go crazy (and so would he)and it would destroy what we have – which is def. unique lol to say the least.

Annie: I am gonna head back to NO on jan 19 for the first 2 weekends of mardi gras. I miss the guy from LA but I met 2 other guys I really like there. You know me…and am gonna stay with them. Separately of course.  It’ll be an even bigger party than last time. The people there are great. And everyone likes to have fun. And fuck of course. I love southern boys. And NYC boys. And CA boys. And…
Liz: I’m going to Vegas on Jan 7 to see Keith 🙂 It’s a trade show.. I miss sleeping with him. hard for me to sleep with other guys (even if hot and 25) I don’t really do that…sleep I mean with them -only Keith 😉 so it made me miss him even more.
Annie: I know exactly what you mean about the sleeping thing. I can only sleep with the guy in NO from LA. But I don’t think we ever will again. Not for awhile. We have an odd relationship. Probably like you and Keith. I didn’t sleep with him last trip to NO. Never say never. He’s complicated but not in a complicated way if that makes sense. He’s a man. But we’ve known each other awhile, 2 years now, and shared a lot of good times, mainly in each other’s apartments, and the goodbye fuck before he left was very memorable. But I don’t know. I keep it light now. I don’t cry or pine or anything. We’re friends. In a way I like having guys as friends, even though we fuck and play and just relax. So much less stress than a ‘relationship’. A lot of women don’t get that. It suits me. It’d be nice to fall mutually in love of course, but it’s so exhausting and you eventually end up hating each other. Not so with friends.
Liz: yeah I know what you mean as much as I love Keith, I would never drop my life…and move in with him ..or be a full time gf. I would go crazy (and so would he)and it would destroy what we have – which is def. unique lol to say the least.