July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

7 – Attractive


8 – Went the extra mile


Sexy to kinky


Relaxed sensuality

general details

I’ve seen Liz several times and they’ve all been great. She’s easy to get ahold of and I plan on getting ahold of her again. Get a VIP if you want details

The Juicy Details

Liz works in a loft in downtown LA. It’s a great space she uses for massage and photographs. I originally contacted her off a CL ad to have some photographs taken for my AFF profile. The first time we met I arranged to have a model join me for some photographs. I had thought Liz would just be a photographer. I arrived at our agreed upon location and found Liz to be much more attractive in person. She’s got a special sexy way about her. While waiting for the model to show up, we snapped a few photos. She stripped down with me and took some photos of herself sucking my cock. She’s very talented and had me on the edge for a good ten minutes. She likes to suck cock and it shows.

When the model showed up, Liz positioned us in a bunch of great shots. The funny thing was that Liz was sexier than the model and the model was half Liz’s age. Some women have it and some don’t.

The session with the model lasted an hour. The highlight was a bunch of great shots of me going down on Liz. She tastes great. After the model left Liz asked me to jack off for the camera and she captured a few great cum shots.

On subsequent visits we’ve taken more photos and she’s given me several very good massages. The massages have all included mutual oral. I don’t know if that’s standard for the menu or because I’ve seen her fairly regularly.

I’ve never asked about sex and never really thought about it with her. She’s very open-minded and likes to please. She also does not fake her response. If she likes you or what you are doing to her she lets you know.