July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

8 – Really Hot


9 – Forgot it was a service


Uninhibited & enthusiastic


Friendly & involved

general details

It’s a good sign when your date takes the elevator down to her building’s public lobby to let you in, and she’s wearing a micro-miniskirt with no panties, and her blouse is barely tucked in.

When I scored Liz as I forgot it was a service, that was literally true — I was enjoying myself that much. This was my second visit with Liz, who is now in a very elegant downtown loft, and it felt like a reunion of long-lost lovers. I’m an old guy, so Liz took the lead in finding erotic flourishes to offset my lack of athleticism — she’s a genius. She’s also a very hot, beautifully tanned and fit sex machine.

The Juicy Details

After giving me a 30-second tour of her new loft, Liz popped the cork on the chilled wine I had brought, then lay down with me while we talked about possible scenarios for one of her famous photo sessions. She was up for anything…anything.

It was sexy and it was FUN — prolonged DATY and rimming, an incredible entwined mutual oral session (Liz is the best ever) accompanied by Liz’s probing my ass with her pinkie and, finally, patiently helping me get my self off. (Did I mention I’m an old guy?)

Liz offered a shower before I left, and since I barely needed one, she made it worthwhile first by having me lie in the tub while she stood and pee’d all over me. As I said, fun.

Liz is the consummate pro. While you’re with her, she makes you feel like you’re her only guy, at least that day. And she wants you to do anything you can think up, no matter how kinky.