DP in my future!
January 14, 2013
4 seasons and 3somes
January 14, 2013

Liz: This last guy I had was so fucking hot!

Nathan: did he have a nice cock too -did you suck it?

Liz: Unreal cock.. he used to be in the army, special forces,  then a model and is now a vaginal surgeon (of all things)  He said he looks at vaginas all day and my comptetitive nature kicks in and tell him I have the best vagina..he will ever see. lol – eager for him to check it out in fact lol. I told him all about my kagels and how strong my muscles were ..and how I can cum by just squeezing and having a fantasy running in my mind.  told him how when I was 15 I first gave myself an O like that and thought for sure I was possessed by the devil – my twisted catholic upbringing. Every time I promised myself and god that I would never do it again… and would pray – but then ..I would do it again (and again) – of course.   He lives in Miami but comes to LA once a month.  He certainly knew his way inside and out of my vagina lol I have a great life sweetie. I asked him if its true a guy can “push a button” inside the vagina to make a girl squirt… he said no.

Nathan: Yes, you do have a great life!