small world in Malibu
December 16, 2012
lost phone.. and phone pics!
December 16, 2012

I am at this bed and breakfast in Topanga Canyon, super isolated booked it by mistake. we just had our little group breakfast at the community table. The daughter (about 20 I’m guessing) of the owner is super conservative, wearing a gold cross around her neck. The Dad sits at the table and I’m thinking he’s got a good vibe, I like him. There’s only one other couple at the table  from Utah.

After a little trite conversation the Dad asks what I do, and I think for just half a second..should I say I just shoot people.. keep it at that. But I automatically tell all. I love the look on peoples faces when I tell them. It kind of reminds me of that game show “what’s my line” they would never guess. We all get into a conversation about it, and about sex, the Dad totally into it. The daughter occasionally slips in disapproving comment, like “I bet you never thought when you were a kid you would be doing this kind of thing” and I said no, never could have imagined my life to be this fun.  The Dad asks for my website twice because he kept forgetting it. The daughter repeats it to him a little annoyed and disgusted that her Dad would look at such a thing. lol
The dad was a trumpet player for Lou Rauls and some other bands, he’s now an architect, a really good one. I will get his name.