Don’t tell!!
December 16, 2012
Annie and me
December 16, 2012

Liz:   I leave tonight  for Amsterdam. (I’m in NY right now)  I kind of got a little drunk one night and pretty much told Michael’s Dad about me and his son..not the details.. but .. I don’t know, hope it wasn’t a mistake to tell him.  Oh well.  I’m not worried.  I’m supposed to see Vinny in  Italy.. will get a feel (so to speak) how everything is. really not a big deal. Anyway, hope you are well.

Hannah: Whoa, when was this you told Vinny about you and his son? In an email or in person? He must be so excited, and I’ll bet Michael.  is excited too. How many gallons of cum you think he’s spilled thinking about it? Maybe you could get Vinny to watch from the closet while you’re with Michael. You know, Vinny is in Italyt now too.

Liz: I told him in an email.  I didnt hear anything back though that’s why I was thinking maybe shouldnt have told him. I think he would be turned on by it though too – so hes probably just busy. I get to Italy on the 17th – should be at very least an interesting visit  : )

I will let you know how it goes – if anything good happens!

I’m going to take some naked photos of myself to send to Vinny.. see if that gets a reply – usually does lol

Hannah: With both Dad and son  in Itlay it could get very interesting. And wifey is home here in LA.  Does Vinny know you’re coming to Italy? I want ALL the dirt!