last night
January 14, 2012
sweet music
June 2, 2012

I get a rush going to a hotel to meet up with a guy.  I take pride in knowing all the hotels all over the LA but especially familiar with LAX. The valet recognizes me.  I love stepping out in my heels or boots in this case my Carlos Santana boots.

I briefly contemplate if I should flash or not – but I always do. I get my valet free of course and my little Porsche is kept up front for easy access leaving.  I look at my phone to reacquaint myself with the description this guy gave me of himself.  I walk into the bar where we planned to meet, I’m getting tons of looks from men and I feel that rush of confidence and trill. I get a bounce in my step.

I head to the bar and thankfully the guy I was meeting waves, because from his description he texted, I’m not sure I would have figured him out right away. All the guys at the bar sort of looked alike to me. He had pre ordered a drink for me (which I love) – so as soon as I sat down I had a cabernet right there.

As we chat I take off my jacket and could see his demeanor change along with a few other guys at various tables that had views. Amazing what cleavage and legs can do to men. I felt myself change too more confident and feeling strong from my workouts with my personal trainer.  He ordered me another drink. I was liking this guy, good conversation and was easy going, We went up to his room – We showered together, soaping each other up.  Then he gave me a massage (supposed to be me giving him one, but it often turns into the guy paying me to massage me) he cracked my back fantastically.  I told him jokingly that  I wanted to watch the bachelor – strangely hooked on that show. He turned it on while I rubbed him, which I thought was very thoughtful.  We had fun critiquing the chics for “Ben the bachelor” My guy came twice and I left to go back to the bar, worked up an appetite and wasn’t in the mood to go home yet.

As soon as I sit at bar, I meet a pilot then his co-pilot. It was flirty and fun and I gave them my website. They had an early flight and left. I was going to take off too but then another pilot came by. We talked for quite a while then I ended up going up to his room and we played captain. He came so many times it was crazy, like.. 5 times or so. I asked him each time he was cuming in a surprised tone “Are you cuming again”!?  He moans out  “oh yeah”.   After he cums and I can feel his cock getting ready for another round says  “it’s been a long …long time since I’ve had sex, my wife isn’t into it.

He didn’t want me to go, he could have fucked all night.  I finally left at 3am.