Sweet nothing
January 15, 2013
man whores a plenty!
January 15, 2013

Liz: you would have loved last night, I went to the erotic awards. picked up award, it’s a golden Penis with wings lol got hit on right as I walked in – first by a guy dressed as the pope I thought he was just a priest..he bought me drinks and tried to feel me up – thought young kids would be his thing.. but I guess not he wore white and of course a ring -which he wanted me to kiss and everything else he said i win the award for best cleavage and tits i must say they are looking very perky these days lol even i like playing with them on occasion

uncle.perv: Ah a discerning pope. I like playing with them always.

Liz: ūüėČ maybe I will let you again one day

uncle.perv: Thank you Mistress. It’s hard-wired for hetero men.

Liz: then I met another guy that I wanted to meet the fetlife guy (they won the best new website ward) – hes dressed as a satanist- my kinda guy lol we talked about some pretty sick fantasy’s then I left him for another

uncle.perv: Get them going and walk away.  So beautiful and cruel.

Liz: so…anyway¬† I go in and watch some performances and sit next to this good looking guy – he’s wearing a beautiful English coat – kind of Edwardian and Patten leather shiny boots with heels and a garter I think.. I’m not sure but we start up a chat and then he tells me about the play room upstairs so we go upstairs and there’s a bunch of rooms lots of tantra shit going on but then..this was one of my favs there is this plastic box or acrylic i guess and there are holes so you can put your hands thru and touch the woman inside she wasn’t a super hot chic but she wasn’t bad

uncle.perv: Can you see the woman?

Liz: yes its clear acrylic try and keep up honey. She is wearing¬† a gold cross which i point out to my satanist pal from fetlife that i just noticed was also touching her thru another hole she cant move her feet and hands are restrained and you can touch everywhere even her pussy etc so I’m giving her a very sensual nipple and caress kinda deal then I’m thinking she could use a back rub touch¬† so i reach under her and give her a nice massage¬† lol she looks at me.. grateful so I smiled and walked away – cant have the bitch too happy

Uncle perv: your massages are heaven.

Liz: it was a good one.. I could tell she loved it then there was this other thing.. oh i think it was in the tantra section -but there was a woman sub dressed in some silly outfit, like a dog I think on the floor I kicked her accidentally but then thought oh fuck it..and said to my English duke i kicked the dog lol then found the dog and master shortly after and told the master i kicked his dog and she began to whimper and I told her to lick my shoes – you know the ones you like lol

uncle.perv: Yes!!

Liz: and she does – she licks all the way up my leg – I was on a real power trip then I said that’s enough and we walked into the couples play room a bunch of couples having sex – i was kind of put off though for some reason – I’ve been thinking about it all day … like why I didn’t really go for it its been a while since Ive had sex and i liked the guy i was with something about the chemistry of the room or maybe I was just into the power thing..like a tease thing because we sat and watched bbbj’s and 69’s some really good ones he enjoyed watching but i know he wanted more but just was in a mood of not going all the way strange huh? I was thinking maybe because of my cold (it was allergies before, but now I really have a cold)

uncle.perv: Well the tease and denial thing works too.

Liz: I had fun taking it to the edge and then pulling back- maybe that’s all it was

uncle.perv: again and again and again..,.

Liz: lol

uncle.perv: It’s a power trip.¬† But i see you as powerful.

Liz: yeah lately I have been very (very) direct and bossy

uncle.perv: I admire you because you own it. Life’s too short to do otherwise.

Liz: the coat guy was scared of me when I jokingly (sort of) said get down on your knees he was handicapped oops which I didn’t realize he had a prosthetic leg,¬† Otherwise I think he would have.