Kiss me
December 16, 2012
Keith’s nipples and leg get me off
December 17, 2012

Liz:   I had my kids out for Thanksgiving. My older daughter came out first and we went out to NOBU, its gorgeous – Larry Ellison sunk 20 mil into it – beautiful cherry wood, design is beautiful and food is fantastic, expensive…but fantastic.  I  noticed a guy at the bar and told K I wanted to buy him a drink, I asked one of our servers

– each table has a posse of about 5 guys (give or take) I told the waiter to send him a drink for me 😉  he came over later to chit chat, he was from Sweeden, super hot, even more hot up close and with his accent. He does licensing..or something. we exchanged numbers but he mentioned somewhere in convesation that he’s married…even after I noticed the ring lol –

After dinner me and  K went into the bathroom we were slightly …uh ok, pretty drunk. She had just bought a new pocket camera, a nice one and we started taking photos lol some turned out pretty good actually.

My other daughter k2 is here now too – I love this photo of her, great light on it – taken at my Malibu place. I am a bad, bad mommy, getting my daughters drunk and taking naked photos of them!!?  tasteful though… I would say 🙂  My daughter is beautiful huh?

Hannah:  Not a bad mommy, a consistent mommy, meaning if you put on an apron and cooked a turkey and said grace she would have fainted from shock. Shall I ask Annie along? We can meet at Boardner’s and go to the other place if it sounds good.

Liz: :  Yes for sure on Annie – she’s leaving Wednesday for Miami. I know she got together with Brandon over Thansgiving. should make an interesting story 🙂 See you tomorrow at 6 – probably good just to meet there that way if I get there early or late.. one of us can at least start drinking ..