July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

8 – Really Hot


9 – Forgot it was a service


It’s All About You


Cool studio

general details

When I saw Elizabeth’s ad I fell in love with her legs and knew I had to see this lady. I hesitated at first when she said she was a mature provider. Am I glad I took the plunge. ; This lady is class, I had a great time. She has a great personality and an awesome body with great legs! She really takes care of her body.

The Juicy Details

When she called back I thought Great goo to her pad, have a little good company maybe a massage, then I’ll see were it goes; if I don’t get laid, no big deal. When I got there I was totally impressed and one look at her body and I knew I wanted this lady, I wanted to get laid. She was incrediably dressed, she looked great, she sat on the bed next to me and I gave her a kiss; the response was great. Her hand stroked my pants and my dick responded. My hands now were stroking her pussy, she then opened my pants and started the pole work; a great oral job with the cover. I undressed her, she undressed me, I asked what position she liked best; she smiled and said lay back and then she rode the pole, then to doggie where I came a good 45 minutes later. Great body, great pussy, great company, I’m going back for more! Please treat this lady right she is a keeper.