playing dress up
January 14, 2013
The erotic awards in London
January 15, 2013

Liz: I bought Keith some chocolate sause and some other chocolates (homemade spanish style)  and am going to bring him some spanish wine, and maybe pick up a french bordeaux when I get to Paris. I bought some handmade chocolates in a local shop hand picked 12 for him (us) I bought little cookies and sause and some other stuff and will pour the sauce over the little cookies add strawberries and pour us some wine, Im so romantic …really. Im the best non girlfriend..ever lol

uncle.perv: I take it he enjoys chocolate.

 Liz: actually I dont know I seem to get it for him with out even thinking about it I sent him some from my last trip too – hmm.. what are those called…umm..choc. bon bons -truffles! thats what I’m thinking of

uncle.perv: Oooh, yum.

Liz: yeah- really went overboard lol but everything looked really good trying to figure out when to go to bay area.. to have desert and wine with him. I’m not going to have phone on now until after I get back tomorrow no real reason too  so I will probably call him tomorrow night…unless of course hes not talking to me…by then which is possible lol if he has seen the book that is. Tempting to open the jar of sauce but.. I wont. I will wait to smear it on Keith’s cock (hopefully) lol and then lick it hmmm…. god I’m horny I’m going to run a deep bath and get myself off.

 Later –

 Liz: I’m at airport.They took my chocolate sauce from Spain that I wanted to bring for me and Keith I got really upset. Felt like a huge violation and wrecking my potential romantic time.  It’s not liquid how am I going to blow up plane with chocolate!

uncle.perv: Oh no.  That sucks. Bastard People.  That’s all they are!

Liz:  Its super cold in airport my nipples are sticking out I got scanned and patted! Felt good the pat..but the scan turned me on a bit. I got the full treatment!

uncle.perv: Lucky you… A little higher, please! lol Did you ask to go again. lol. They’ll save that scan in the break room, believe me.

 Liz: I brought you back a little present just little..’cause  I don’t want to spoil you

uncle.perv: Sweet, thanks.