The Sheraton
January 24, 2012
New Erotic Artist Vol. 2 – released!
October 17, 2012

This is pretty funny and slutty – thought you would enjoy

I was having dinner with a friend of mine. Usually when I go out with this guy – something inevitably happens like the pop up party that happened last time when 300 people were at my place within half hour.

This night though seemed to be going fairly calm went out to a nice dinner and then to several different bars and wine bars, then finally back to my place for more drinks. Well before long Rob (my friend) gets a call from 2 friends of his (musicians) they ended up coming over (super hot guys) we had fun conversation and drank for several more hours. I was dressed in skirt (no panties) and boots from my dinner out, so looked pretty good. It was a Friday night, and my phone is getting texts from several different guys wanting to come over. I ignored most of them but then I decided to text this particular guy back and told him that I was with friends and I was just about to muster my courage together to surprise them all and give them a blow job I sent it and then showed it to the lead singer. He smiled and said you don’t strike me as the “scared” type – we moved in immediate harmony – him unzipping while I got on my knees in front of him.

The drummer and my friend had missed our little conversation and text so were surprised but.. smart enough to jump right in. In a matter of minutes I was switching cocks off in my mouth all 3 and at one point sitting on my diner booth (that’s my kitchen table area, an actual booth and table that came out of a pizza restaurant.) the drummer got one of my dildos out of a bag, the same bag I took to Vegas that was still unpacked (and sadly unused in Vegas – no surprise there) He pushed the dildo into my pussy – I was wet but I told Rob to get the olive oil on the counter to lube it up lol I switched between cocks in my mouth as my friend Rob said, “isn’t she a good girl?” Both the musicians nodded and agreed lol – I love being a good girl ; ) makes me want to be even better.

I got doggie style on the booth and the drummer fucked me (safely) from behind while I had cocks in my mouth. The drummer came out of me to rip off the condom and cum all over my asshole and at exactly the same time the lead singer came in my mouth.

They left at 7am and I was still drunk at 8:30 but I was in a half sleep and started to text Keith. I texted how I wanted to end it blah blah.. said it a zillion times before, even I’m sick of me. Then today I decided to text him again and tell him about my night lol – he was at an airport headed for Portugal for a meeting with some of his sales people. But I know he enjoyed the story – but all he texted back was, your right we do live very different lives. Then sent another saying “talk to you later”. But I’m reading that like a positive. Will have to see I guess.