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July 25, 2011
You tube press on “Days of Cougar”!
August 29, 2011

I had just come back from NYC from the book launches for my new book, “days of the cougar” and flew into San Francisco.  I wanted to see Keith, I missed him and was curious if he had seen the book and what his reaction might be.  I wanted to stay somewhere romantic and beautiful, and found a nice resort/spa near Berkeley.

I spent the day getting pampered and working out, so I felt really good (looked great, had a glow from all the treatments and an orgasm I had earlier in the day, a really good one) I decided to head to the bar for dinner, normally would just throw on jeans but thought I would put some effort into it so I put on my black dress, boobs spilling out and legs bare, but really tan black heels of course.

I cross the beautiful cobblestoned courtyard and the young valet is checking me out and asking how I am and I can feel his eyes on me watching me as I go into the bar. I know at that moment that without much encouragement or too much conversation I could have this guy easily.  But instead, I go into the bar order a drink and a couple starts chatting. I can tell the couple want to do a 3 some the conversation was subtle but obvious; they were a nice looking couple, probably in their 30’s. But instead I start talking to a guy that turns out to be from LA.  He’s about 40, good looking.

After about 3 glasses of wine we leave the bar.  We are standing in the hallway on the way to my room when a large group of guys walk past and they all check me out, and say, hey, come to our suite we have drinks!  I smiled and said hmm that could be fun.  But my guy from the bar who doesn’t want to lose me keeps us walking and we end up fucking in my room. While we are fucking I’m thinking about the guys in the hallway, wanting a gang bang,  I say to my bar guy, to take me to their suite .. offer me up. My bar guy thinks I am just talking dirty sex talk, cums from the “talk” but doesn’t take me seriously.   So he leaves but I’m just not feeling satisfied or “done” yet, without even showering, I put my black dress back  on.

I couldn’t remember what room they said they were in, but I retraced my steps in the hallway and would put my ear up to random doors, thinking I would hear the chatter of the men, there were at least 7 of them and I figured if they were drinking I would hear them thru the door.  It took me a while to figure it out; hearing different sounds behind different doors was interesting and would laugh when I made a joke to myself saying (probably out loud and somewhat lyrical) “that’s not my gangbang”. I finally found the door and without even hesitating, I knocked.

The door opened and a tall good looking, very “westernized” Indian guy stands their looking very surprised, his eyes and gestures all lit up he immediately invites me in.  All the men stand up, all 8 of them.  (I miss counted earlier lol). All really very polite asking my name and introducing themselves they offer me a drink from their bar. I was going to go for a vodka martini until I saw the blue label.  He over filled my glass, but I didn’t mind.

I sat on the couch between 2 of the men my dress naturally hikes up and of course no panties, but not quite showing everything..please! gotta make them wait a little!  They asked what I do, I love answering that because it’s always an excellent ice breaker, I got a group “wow really!” all leaning forward in their chairs.   I was beginning to scope out the guys more carefully thinking of who and what I would want to do first with which one of them.

The guys were probably in their 30’s to 40’s and all very tone except for one guy that was asleep on the chair, he was so fat (not to be mean) that he barely fit on the chair and I was a little worried that he might fall off when he made a snore that slightly woke him up. One of the men said, “he had just flown in from India, and that he was the governor” – I thought of a little joke to myself about Arnold but kept it to myself.   I’m not sure he was really the governor but whoever he was  the men were there to take care of him, they rush over and begin to help him up (took several men to lift him) As they got him to his feet (barely) I was standing in front of him, not sure how I got there, I didn’t remember leaving the couch but I looked at the bleary eyed “governor” and said, you slept right thru your blow job”  The guys froze lol and the “governor” looked at me, probably thinking it was a dream or something, and I said, “but you seemed to enjoy it, you moaned a few times” lol , the men looked totally shocked and unsure what to say or do, and the governor smiled (thank god I guess) and then the rest seemed to relax and smile too and move him into the bedroom.

The guys were chatting in Indian and I could tell they were trying to figure out who was going to fuck me –clearly a hierarchy because it didn’t appear to be even a debate that it wouldn’t be anyone except the “top” guy, (not the governor) would have me. I don’t think they understood my American slutty ways that I wanted them all. But I have to say I got the sense that they would be awkward (them not me) in a gang bang situation –It was SO perfect though, because even as I was about to leave with “top guy” another 5 guys came in.. the second wave, these guys were even younger and hotter and they looked more inclined to go for it. Oh man! I wanted it SO bad!  I reluctantly decided to go with the flow and go with “top guy” do him first and then go from there.  It was a good fuck, in my room hitting all the holes (condom) even though I couldn’t help but feel a bit un climatic ..I did enjoy it, but the whole time I’m fantasizing and regretted I wasn’t more assertive about the gang bang. My guy cam, and I told him how I had wanted them all, he said, we can do that tomorrow, but it’s all in the moment..