Mexicans in Malibu
December 16, 2012
Topanga Bed and Breakfast
December 16, 2012

Liz: I’m still bouncing around in Malibu stirring up the town as much as possible. I had a “famous” guy last nice night, he’s a singer , won 12 Grammy’s. I made him humm one of his songs,while I sat on his face. I had on sexy white boy shorts he brought for me to wear and pissed in his mouth lol sat on top of him while he drank and sang … He’s very talented could see why he won so many Grammy”s lol

Hannah: So who is this guy? Have to keep his name secret?
Liz: His name is XXX,  but yeah, probably best to keep a secret!
Hannah:  XXX!   Bet he found your book on the website, went to your site and was thrilled that he could actually hook up. What a small world!
Liz:  I love little life’s ironies 😉