3 some for xmas
December 20, 2012
first responders mmm
January 11, 2013

RC: Hey Diva! What happened I was waiting for you to text so I could come over and bring you a UPS uniform for your porn shoot!

Liz: There’s a cell tower out right at my house, and my car is in shop and just rented car today so I can drive into another area to get service – it’s very frustrating. I’m sorry I couldn’t call!

RC:   That sucks, lets hook up Tuesday…maybe?

Liz: that works.  I got together with Millie a few nights ago 😉

RC: Sexually??

Liz: sort of ish – had a guy with us too, a guy I have played with before. He fucked me while she danced for us lol my guy is hot, 25 year old college student.  I will tell you all about it when I see you.  I had a suite at Bev. Wilshire.

RC: Done. You slut 😉

Liz: I also had 2 3somes in one day, the day before.  lol . One in the morning the other at night.

RC: I am sooo jealous… sluts have all the fun.. Did you get double penetration?

Liz: No both times was with another girl. My first girl rode my strap on cow girl style though while I played with her tits (nice ones – natural and large) guy over me shooting his cum all over my pretty little (lol) face.. my tongue out catching some then I lick him clean and tell my girl (shes still riding me) to kiss me sharing the cum.  I say to her “good girl”

RC: I hate you …lol

Liz: lol

RC: Can I cum on your face sometime?

Liz: Yes. For an xmas present you can.

RC: Thx baby 😉