July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

7 – Attractive


10 – One in a lifetime





general details

Typical 2-call system. She has a spacious lot in downtown area.When I reached there, she told me to park in the parking lot next to her building. parked there paid flat rate and went up. she opened the door with a white t-top and black mini skirt n heels. looked pretty cute. we went in and started talking bout stuff..very easygoing, no clock watching. VIP’s read on.

The Juicy Details

After some talk, she asked me what i would like to do. I said som S&M like spanking, spitting and slapping. She said lets add golden shower ro it too and i got excited. We got naked and then started DFK’ing. Went to her bed and she gave me an awesome BBBJ. I told her lets get in some SM action. She put a dog leash on me and slapped me hard couple o times..felt nice. then got me on all fours and started rimming me..deep as she could go. was wonderful. After that i said i want to become dom. she said ok and got 2 dildos and put 1 in her ass n other in her vag. was moaning in front of me and told me to spit on her… that was a turn on.. i slapped her, spit on her bunch of times and finally shot my load in her mouth.

we took a break had a nice chat, she was drinking i was smoking. we finished the session with some more dom from me as i spit and slap her, on her knees and came in her glass of scotch.. she smiled and drank her scotch making the perfect ending to our session. she worth a visit ..have fun.