July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

8 – Really Hot


8 – Went the extra mile


Very hot


extremely sensual

general details

Liz is an amazing lady. While she in her late thirties, early forties, she is very attractive and has an athletic body (she is apparently an excerise fanatic). Easy to book and reasonably priced, she provides pleasant and friendly companionship with mindblowing sex, if you like it a bit on the wilder side. I recommend her highly.

The Juicy Details

Liz clearly loves sex and has a pleasantly perverse mind. While initially she comes off a little reserved (she comes from a corporate background and she has the demeanor of a pleasant executive, at least while her clothes are on). Greeting me in her Wall Street Hotel, we chatted for a few minutes and she offered me a drink or some water. She then enquired as to my interests, and indicated she enjoyed rimming, both giving and receiving, one of my favorite activities. She offered me the shower, and when I finished a thorough cleaning joined her in bed. She loved DATY and DATO, and was very complementary of my skills, and then proceeded to rim me to distraction, and then a skilled BBBJ. She then took out some toys, including a few new fangled items for ass play that I was unfamiliar with. Thoroughly enjoyed her skilled ministrations to my prostate, and the she covered me and climbed on top to finish in CG. Overall it was an extremely hot time, unrushed, and in the most pleasant of company. Cannot wait until she returns to NY.