July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

6 – Nice


7 – Hot time




Anything is possible

general details

Saw her very hot ad that promised some very exciting action and gave her a call. When she finally picked up she told me she would not be ready until much later. I agreed so several hours later I drove to the very nice hotel where she was staying. Called her after I parked and she still wasn’t quite ready. Finally, got her room number, walked over and met her. Not a big surprise – her photos are a good representation; she does look her age though she is in great shape. She was very friendly and we discussed what I wanted – she was up for everything and even suggested more. Seemed like a dream session was about to begin. For non-VIPs: she will kind of do most everything you want but for some reason she tends to interrupt the action at points for seemingly no good reason so it really disrupts the flow. Seems to have the best intentions but this time it just did not quite live up to expectations. Would probably not repeat though maybe she just had an off day.

The Juicy Details

We started kissing and it was just so-so, made worse by the fact she tasted like a smoker.
She went down on me then, as I layed on my back, she moved even farther south and started licking my ass. I definitely have to give her bonus points for that.
Finally, she stopped so I layed her on her back to return the favor. Her pussy was pretty tasty and she really enjoyed my attention.
Started pounding her in mish, moved to cowgirl, and ultimately finished in doggy.
I should mention that getting to finish with her was a little problematic.
She kept changing her mind on what she wanted which really disrupted any kind of groove I was getting into. It seemed like as soon as I would get into a rhythm, she would want to change something or other.
While we had sex, on one hand she suggested doing all kinds of things but on the other she seemed like she was doing it by the numbers and not as enthusiastic as expected (especially on things she suggested).
On the positive side, she is very adventurous and would suggest and try things you may not be able to get anywhere else.
On the negative side, she seems absent minded, distracted, and unfocused. Also, her words make it seem like she’s all into it but her actions do not quite live up to it.
Maybe a case of YMMV.