July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

8 – Really Hot


10 – One in a lifetime


One word Awesome


Very hip downtown loft

general details

It was a holiday and I was half bored so I was perusing CL which I do occasionally because you sometimes find a good one there among the robs, fakes, and generally spammers. But I saw a ad that I clicked on and found this great pic of a milf type wearing a white wife beater tank top with her awesome boobs exposed. The ad also was well written and gave details and by the content you could tell there was some intelligence and thought behind it besides the usual CAPS and vulgarity of others trying to call people to their ads like barkers of the old days. What sealed the deal for me to contact her was her mention of having great reviews. She didn’t say what site but I had hoped it would be TER because when I did a search on here she had nothing but rave reviews. I emailed her and she responded quickly (she had posted about 10 mins prior) and we made plans for later that evening. Another major plus is her location is literally 10 mins from me (though there was no traffic at night, I timed it) lol. She gave me directions and the address and asked me to call her when I got there. I haven’t ventured downtown late at night for a long time and I asked her about parking. She assured me the area had changed and there was bicycle patrol there too. She was right, the area had two bars/ restaurants still open and was pretty busy. So I called her and she gave me the code and I made my way up and when I she opened the door, I was more than pleasantly surprised. As a couple of reviews here mentioned she is more attractive than her pics, I more than agree with them. She has a great smile. She had on a black bra, blk thong panties, black thigh high stockings and a short silk robe open showing her very nice boobs. We hugged briefly and we walked down the hallway to her loft which by the way is very nicely decorated in a eclectic artsy way. There was a sex swing as you walk into her kitchen, dining area. She gave me a brief tour of her place which also featured a wall as a screen to play porn if you wish, and a beautiful four poster bed at the back of the loft. Well so much for the decorating review on to the fun part VIPs read on…

The Juicy Details

Since I did not have Liz as one those to see list I did a quick read up of her reviews and from what I read I was excited to meet such a gem that I hadn’t knowledge of. She has a great phone voice I thought when I spoke to her for the first time and a smile that disarms any nervousness if one had it. We made small talk for a few minutes and took care of business and off we went to the massage table. She ask me to get undressed and before I could lay down on the table, I had to have a look, feel and lick of those great natural boobs with perfect sensitive nipples that got hard instantly.( got to love them ) LOL I told her I would give her a massage but I got as far as caressing her boobs and I couldn’t take my mouth off her nipples. She didn’t seem to mind and just enjoyed the attention her boobs was getting. Without much thought to the massage at this point I asked her to lay back and let me go do my favorite thing. DATY. Again, others have said she has a beautiful kitty and I more than have to agree with that assessment with her kitty being smoothly shaved, and it was very wet already. I like to spend a good amount of time on DATY and she finally told me she needed to give it a rest and she wanted to return the favor. So as I laid back she skillfully did her magic of giving a incredible bj with plenty of spitting and slow deep sucks.She listened to how I liked it and followed directions like she knew that already. She was getting excited giving oral and just watching her look up at me almost brought me over. But I pulled her up for some kissing and licking each other all over. But before anything else happened she layed her head back over the edge of the massage table and had me face f**k her mouth. I’m not really into rough sex but it felt awesome watching it go all the way down her mouth. She put a cover on got on top and she grinded me and she had gotten so wet I could feel it on my thighs. I pulled her to the edge of the table and went into a mish and she likes to talk dirty which is hot. She is a very sexy lady who is comfortable with her sexuality and who enjoys it, and isn’t going through the motion. I hadn’t realized we had almost gone over the time but she subtlety mentioned it not in a way that would stress me out but made me feel bad. All during this time she liberally used oil on both our bodies and it was getting hot and very oily between us. She help me finish as she played with herself, and I was a dripping wet oily puddle when it was all over. LOL She asked if I wanted a shower but I declined since I was so close to home. She told me not to rush to get out and we chatted as I got dressed. She is very easy going, with a very calming demeanor who can make anyone not only comfortable but turned on also. As you can tell, I think very highly of Liz and plan to see her again in a couple of days. I have read reviews on many good providers here and I have to say some are true, some overrated but I don’t think you can lose with her personality or her skills. If you like mature women who loves to have fun, and enjoys herself along with you,Liz is a destination you shouldn’t miss. Hope she sticks around, so please treat her like the lady she.