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December 16, 2012
Don’t tell!!
December 16, 2012

Liz: back from Hawaii brown and relaxed – strange place to be on own though.     I scheduled my lipo! I’m getting 3 sections done..  I’m doIng inner thighs, love handles and under chin.

 I have it scheduled for  May 30 but I have a Europe trip in April/ May so works out well.
Hannah: I’m good.  Any wild sex adventures in Hawaii?  I’m eager to see your lipo results and see if it stays away. Keeping the weight down would be the hard part for me. Though I look slim my body wants to be a specifIc weight, and If I had, say, five pounds lipoed off, I know I’d gain those five pounds back…somewhere.
Liz :  yeah will be interesting to see results and how It will or wont last but my thought is even if it’s a year ..or 2 of no love handle fat I will be happy.
I went thru the airport scanner with a frilly skirt and no panties.. and didn’t even think about it until I was on the plane, that wow.. I probably gave them a real eye full lol . But besides that no real sexy fun stuff – I met a gay guy that was cool but the “crowd” at my resort were mostly overweight middle aged couples, wearing matching hawaiin shirts, felt lIke I was on a cruise ship, with out the ship .. I got kind of in a funky mood.. like what the hell am I doing here, but  I did some cool stuff and “relaxed” so it wasn’t a total waste.
I am goIng to leave my loft on AprIl 1 hard to let go, but I’m going to NY and then Europe and will be gone for almost 2 months and figured no reason to hold on to this place.
Hannah: Wow, letting the loft go!? I guess you’ll find something new when you get back, though, right? You’re a true free spirit. And after all the work you put in there.
 Liz:  yeah its sort of a Zen like mind set I get Into  or budhist.. not sure. But I feel like letting go only brings in a higher level. I should really apply that philosophy to Keith..hmm.  I rented a little get away Malibu place for when I get back from Europe/NY just for a week ..seeing as its 3k for the week. But I like the idea of being by the ocean when I come back. Its really (really) pretty.
Hannah:   Definitely let’s have a drink. when do you leave? We’re off to the desert today for the weekend, but we could do this next week. Want to see just how brown you really are! Do want to see your place before you give it up too. can’t believe I never got down there, but Vinny  makes me work so hard. I really must be a maso.
Liz: I leave my loft on AprIl 1 but I leave for NY on AprIl 5 and then fly to Amsterdam AprIl 11. Will take a looksie at new store ; )  I would love love it if you came over.   Anytime tthis week is best.. seeing as I leave at end of week. Just let me know what works best for you…and your hubby too .
I sent Vinny a pIcture of my brown tit.. Its a great shot lol but he must be busy having his other baby..or unimpressed because I didn’t hear back : (
Hannah: So could we come tomorrow night? I know it’s short notice, but let me know. Really do want to see it before you let it all go! Great.  Hubby willl come and we can go check out those local bars, Okay? like, 7:30?  Looked at your MalIbu house photos you sent – Insane!