4 seasons and 3somes
January 14, 2013
Sweet nothing
January 15, 2013

Liz:  I did a guys ass today – fucked him good 🙂 put him in my purple panties and made him wear my thigh highs then put him in a pretty bra and  fucked his man hole.  god I’m good lol

uncle.perv: He fit into your thigh highs?

Liz: yeah, I get tall/ large – I’m tall you know 5’8.  I find that kind of a strange question to ask, after I tell you that I just fucked a guy in the ass – but… ok.  I was more surprised he fit in my purple panties..they were tight

uncle.perv: He was a cross dresser, or you were just having fun with the panties?

Liz: a little of both lol he just sort of went along willingly

uncle.perv: As we do. when in your presence.

Liz: Didn’t complain when I started to pull out bras then found one I was looking for for a while and was like OH! there it is lol and then put it on him and said,  “I’m jealous, that’s my favorite one I’m letting you wear so appreciate it and spread your legs like a good slut so I can fuck you deep and hard” and he did… of course

uncle.perv: Gladly, I know. He take a big one?

Liz: Big enough. he was super hot though small cock from Taiwan but tall dark long pony tail big build for an Asian looked more American Indian made him cum all over himself he could barely walk by the time I was done with him lol

uncle.perv: I know the feeling.