offered myself up
December 16, 2012
December 16, 2012

Liz:  I’m still in Paris .. I made 3,000 euros in 2days! This one guy paid me 400 euros just so he could shoot me… I threw in the blow job. I’m getting a lot of couples too. Its crazy great! I have 3 more apt’s tonight all photo play.

I went to the Paris Taschen store.. I think I’m up on Hamburg Cologne and Paris websites now : ) I learned how to say slut in German – schlumpe lol signed a copy of book say ich liebe eine schlumpe 😉

I have a guy in about 20 mins and have to clean my room my hotel room is a mess.  Lets do drinks and I will show you pics of Michael.  I havent heard from him but I will probably send him a photo along with a hi.. at some point. I don’t want him to think Im chasing after him.. although it took me a while to stop fantasizing about him. Ive already “moved on” though.  : )

Hannah: I know you move on quickly. So, with the Euro exchange rate that’s about $4000, right? So your little house in Malibu is all paid for already with a little party money left over. Look forward to the drinks and pics. I’ve been sort of sick since coming back from SF (great weather, until we went to Alcatraz where I froze my ass and then got a cold), but should be good when you get back. Vinny Sr. just got back from Germany. I haven’t seen him yet, but will keep a straight face about everything.