Paris is very good to me
December 16, 2012
Kiss me
December 16, 2012

Liz: omg.. I mean omgoodness.. I just had an x-priest!!! wow.. talk about a fantasy of mine! We were spa-ing (sure thats a word) together and we were chatting and it came out that he was in the seminary for a year.. it was funny because I said “oh my go…goodness” lol ..I crack myself up sometimes lol. I didnt tell him about my religious…warped fantasies.. but he ended up cuming twice and hes 65 (an in shape 65). He apparently owns a sail boat that is big enough to sail to Hawaii…and back.  I promptly asked him after the first cum.. if I could use his boat for photo shoots and I got a resounding yes!

Hannah: Maybe this is a good ‘date’ for you: older, rich, has a big boat, in-shape, and ex-priest. He could die early and leave you everything!

Liz: hmm..  yeah…maybe.  But seriously “these” guys look a bit like deer in headlights when I start to talk openly, I think they find it refreshing and appreciate the directness but on the other hand intimidates. I need a really strong..unshakeable (rich and boat is ok too) guy. Not one that just “accepts” my lifestyle, but that embraces it! and “gets” it.

Im feeling particularly slutty tonight might dress accordingly for our Boardners night lol – but “classy” of course. Im clearly going straight to hell anyway lol..yeh!

Hannah: So funny that they’re scared.   Extra slutty? Can’t even imagine!