Annie and me
December 16, 2012
Paris is very good to me
December 16, 2012

Liz: I ended up going to Chateaux Marmont  after I left you – only had 2 more glasses of wine but got kind of drunk from it. I remember volunteering  myself to a guy and his 4 friends lol… but then when it turned out they  werent staying at that

 hotel and were going to take me to some other hotel  (to drunk to know the name) at least I had enough wits about me not to go. I sat in my car and sobered up.

I would like to try that testosterone patch.. have to remember to get that  from you sometime – I wonder if it will make me more sexual?

 Hannah:  last night was fun Smart move with the guys. Who knows where they would have taken you!     It’s just testosterone gel. You squeeze a tiny bit on your arm and rub it in.    It’s never made me think about sex more, but makes orgasms really strong and easy. Love it for that!

Liz:   I’m going to the Bev hills wilshire tomorrow night to meet these guys (producers) I met a while ago – one is English, married but fantasizes about me lol – should be an interesting night. I’m gonna try not to get drunk.

Hannah: Trying is harder than one can imagine!