July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

7 – Attractive


8 – Went the extra mile





general details

I saw her ad on Backpage and checked her out on TER. Wow, she had 8s, 9s and 10s. Her ad read like she was into basically anything except pain. I read the reviews and they were glowing. I called and she asked me what I liked. I said a little bit of everything and she told me when her next appt was and to call a half hour ahead to confirm. She gave me the address. I checked a map and saw it was almost at the ocean so I left 45 minutes early from Anaheim. I called on the way. The hotel was huge. Parking for an hour was $5. I chose a 30 minute date time. After parking I called again and she gave me the building name and room number. I walked in and—oh I’m getting old. It was only a few hours ago and I already forgot what she was wearing except for the black high heels. She once again asked me what I liked.

The Juicy Details

Using her ad as a guide I said rimming, prostate massage, general massage, DATY etc. When I said rimming she seemed to perk up. I put the money down and got undressed. She undressed next. We started with a naked hug.
Soon we were rubbing our bodies together. She asked if I liked kissing. Yes. We started that. I don’t like French so I didn’t suggest it, besides, I had forgotten my breath mints. We had our hands all over each other and were gringing our bodies together. She reached down and put her hand in my crotch. We moved to the bed, me face down. I thought she was going to start rubbing her breasts all over me but to my surprise she started to kiss and lick my butt. I had washed before I got there. Yum, nice, warm tongue along my butt crack then on the hole. I raised my hips and she suggested all fours. OK. That gave her better access. She went after my hole like she was trying to get honey out of a beehive. Wheee. That seemed to go on for a good five minutes as she was really getting into it. Meanwhile, her well lubed hand was in my crotch giving me a hand job. She offered strap on but I was afraid it would be too big as I’m pretty tight. I was getting close to popping so I had to stop her. I turned over and she offered 69. OK. She said I could CIM but no swallow. BBBJ and she was nice and shaved. Next she offered rubbing our crotches together. Sure! She lubed up that didn’t take long for me to pop since by then I was so horny. Hell, I’m getting horny just posting this. Hot towel and dry and I got dressed. Next time, and there WILL be a next time, I’ll go for the hour. 30 minutes of quality play goes too fast. I can’t recommend Liz enough. For once I found a provider that has an excellent attitude and knows how to please. It was like having a really horny girlfriend. She’s my new ATF.