Keith’s nipples and leg get me off
December 17, 2012
Beverly Wilshire hotel
December 17, 2012

Liz: Michael came to visit me at the Mondrian before leaving LA. I had invited hm to come earlier because I was doing a photo shoot with a beautiful woman (session called Mondrian strip) He was at the Garllery all day so came just after she left. I think he must be really into his girlfriend, because he seems to be behaving.  When he arrived I was outside by Valet coming back from somewhere and we went straight to skybar (Mondrian)  we drank and talked. Its funny how we seem to feel very comfortable with each other instantly – not so much when others are around – like Daddy or you (probably thinks of fucking you and thinks of you as Aunt Hannah) lol .  We just joked around and talked alot – I think the fucking play has run its course – but that’s cool on my end too.  Its flirtys and sweet but really I think thats probably it at this point. He left and I went out right after him like a few minutes thinking he would be already downstairs and out of hotel. But the elevators are super slow there and even though I waited almost 10 mins he was still there on my floor waiting for elevator, not too akward, just a little lol  we ended up getting in elevator together. There were these french guys – total partiers, one of the (super hot rock star look guy)  had coke on his hand and offered it up to me and then Michael- I did’nt do in elevtator… although I wanted to. Michael looked nervous and all of a sudden seemed very young (younger than 25 lol) to me. I wanted to almost “protect” him. We got to lobby and kissed (just regular..but on lips) and he left and then I hooked up with the french guys by Valet lol and did a line off the guys hand – man was it good! He was SO SO hot too –

After Michael left, I had Chalissa (what a great find she is! She’s coming to NYC with me to play) Roberto ( a friend of mine, like a brother, that I occasionally give a bj too) and  another girl, Rosalie ( friend of Roberto’s).  We all went out to the Abbey that night –  we partied pretty hard. Chalissa was a hit with all the guys, even the gay ones. She looked hot as fuck. She got finger fucked (happily) by one of the “gay” strippers on the dance floor   We got back to the suite around…2:30, Rosalie was wasted (big time) and crashed in my bed. Me, chalissa and Roberto hung out and partied some more. Chalissa left around 5 am. Roberto and I managed to get into bed around 6 I think,  the 3 of us all slept together Roberto in the middle.  For some reason we all woke up around 9 am and we ordered breakfast. I sat in bed with Rosalie when the room service guy came in.  I was in my white furry robe -totally open and boobs out.  Room service guy set the tray slowly at foot of bed, while I played it up and stroked Rosalie’s  hair and tried to pop one her boobs out for him to get a look at. He poured our coffee while keeping his eyes on my boobs . Roberto stood at end of bed near room service guy and just smiled. The room service guy kept looking at me, and I started to pull on my nipples lol saying thank you . He left reluctantly – and of course offered up his services anytime.

Hannah:  Wow, can hardly even follow that action! So maybe Michael didnt come to photo shoot becasue hel got scared about his GF. She is pretty strong, and told me she hopes they’ll come live in LA. So do you think this school thing is real with Challisa, or was she there in the bar “working”? That occurred to me later, that she might have this school story as a cover when working nice hotels. Seems she went from little miss nice girl to wild experimenter really fast. You have any more knowledge out of her?

Liz: I think Chalissa is real – I thought of that too but Ive had some pretty open and “naive” (on her side) kinda conversations so if its an act – shes good. But I think she has fantasized about doing it, and just didn’t know how to approach it, her being at the bar alone and it has a reputation for that. We saw a hook up happen later that night, we were both impressed how smooth it all went down, and she was gorgeous.