Basketball player
December 16, 2012
small world in Malibu
December 16, 2012

 Liz:   its very cool btw walking around naked all the time – in and outside and just hoping in and out of tub and sun drying. I’m a bit burnt.. but doesn’t stop me.
I had the gardeners show up today -one cuter than the other I just said hi, and kept on drinking my morning coffee naked on the lounge.

After the gardeners left I had a client a Mexican guy (ironically) he was eating me out in my hot tub I lifted up and drank wine and sunbaked while he went to town on my pussy. I accidentally dipped in and he started to choke.. felt bad about that -but he recovered, barely missed a beat actually. I of course had a fantasy that he was the Gardner.

I probably would have gotten off to the fantasy but I had one of those cuming dreams this morning.. I came big ..woke me up of course. I can remember what I was dreaming about that got me off so much – it was a pretty incestuous one.. I have them sometimes ..It doesn’t really bother me, morally that is.
Hannah: You have the ideal life. Really, truly.  Hope you don’t have any close neighbors! Or, knowing you, bet you do have close neighbors and that’s half the fun!