The erotic awards in London
January 15, 2013
Making new friends in Paris!
July 24, 2013

Liz: I had a guy last night that I fucked his ass. I called him my bitch..etc

uncle.perv: Lucky fella! Hey I thought I was your bitch?

Liz: I spit on his ass while my dildo slid in and out.. pounding him oh..yeah ..sweetie you are! Hes just a whore thats all , a slutty whore… wait… so are you sweetie, my slutty man whore slut.. don’t worry I have enough “love” to go around for all my whore men.

uncle.perv: Now you’re just trying to arouse me. With a man-cunt, right?

Liz:  oh yeah..a man pussy- a fuck hole hmm love it I might do more strap on … its been awhile, well before last night that is lol. I  will focus on that again..