man whores a plenty!
January 15, 2013
Comment dit-on “lube”?
July 24, 2013
This is kind of “cute” I look like I may be drunk lol but I just happen to slip when the timer went off!
I am in a super stunning executive suite in Saint Germain area – SOOO beautiful, Taschen store territory. Benedikt really has incredible taste when it comes to choosing “hoods for his stores.
I met this guy that can suck his own dick. I had to see it for myself!  Nice guy, I asked him how this all came about, how he learned how to do it.  He said he was a lonely teenager and learned out of “desperation” from  being so lonely in his teens and early 20’s. where there’s a will there’s a way!
I met this other guy in the elevator, a tiny elevator, my boobs were pretty much up against him (thanks to my miracle bra) Instant chemistry – he spoke English and wore a cap that ironically was an Oakland hat. I was on my way to meet another guy that was waiting downstairs, nice guy that took me to drinks and turned out to be a researcher for cancer – was working on brain cancer, now doing liver.. as I sipped on my wine lol.
He was a “nerd” but a sweet one, and I took him under my wing and gave him his very first prostate massage (he is about …50 ish) I did a few other things to him, I knew it would be quick lol. It was a freebie.
I kept thinking about the guy in the elevator and the next night wrote a note (I took a picture)
says it all. But then later I thought oh wow, he could have checked out, and maybe some other guy…will come!  Or the maid will find, or the next person to check in might get the note lol- possibilities endless.
I had a few drinks that night and a few guys before putting the note under his door – and just sort of “passed out” I would not have heard if he knocked or not -and I think it was about 3 am when I put under his door. Sad to say – I didn’t fuck him. but “A” for effort lol