Topanga Bed and Breakfast
December 16, 2012
he know
December 16, 2012

Liz:  I am in Malibu, I just lost my phone and apparently who ever found it has decided to keep it, its really a bummer because I have a bunch of people wanting to come to Malibu tonight and they cant reach me – so I’m sitting alone…not feeling very festive.  : (

Do you have Annie’s cell number?  We got together last night and were texting just before I lost phone about her coming here tonight, and now can’t answer (very frustrating)
Hannah: Geez, poor thing. Whoever found that phone must be going nuts! Hope it was someone who can appreciate dick pictures.
Liz:   yeah, thinking the same thing on the photos – woke up today in “phone mourning”.. miss having it.  feel very “disconnected”  I usually sleep with my phone.. and well..anyway, don’t want to get all depressed again   Saw dolphins this morning while having my coffee in the hot tub..that cheered me up : )   Wednesday will be good.. I am looking forward to seeing you too.
Hannah: And do you have “those” photos, or did they go down with the phone? Sure hope not!