Cab ride today
October 31, 2011
The Sheraton
January 24, 2012

I had a nice little fuck before going out with my friend Rob. He’s a friend I met when I first moved to LA, part of the original “crew”.  We went to Church and State a nice restaurant near my loft. After dinner and several drinks we went over to a wine bar,

drank some more then went back to my place. We got into a good conversation and then he invited 2 more guys to come over. Some musicians, good ones, they play at some well known clubs in LA.

We sat at my diner table and talked and drank a lot. I was getting text messages from guys wanting to come over and I told this one guy I couldn’t do anything tonight because I’m hanging with friends – it was about 3 am at this point. Then I texted the guy that I am with 3 guys and I’m thinking about surprising them and just start going down on them one at a time (or 2 or all at a time) I said if I’m brave enough.  I showed it to the lead singer and he smiled and said – oh I know you are not scared. lol – I moved towards him and the drummer and Rob had missed all the talk between me and the lead singer, so were a little surprised to see him whip out his cock and me drop to my knees. I gave them all blow jobs and ended up on the diner seat doggie style getting fucked by the drummer and someones cock in my mouth.

The drummer pulled out and ripped off the condom and shot his cum all over my ass.  (I love that) the lead singer came in my mouth at the same time (love that too) and Rob was next. He ended up staying the night and got me off twice.

; ) good night.