December 16, 2012
December 17, 2012

Hannah:  Want to have a drinks Tuesday? Can’t resist the 2 for 1 at Boardner’s! Or maybe we could try the place Annie mentioned, with the taco deal on Tuesdays? Would have to ask her. Maybe she’d like to come too.

Liz:  hey, Yeah! Tuesday is good. I’m up for Taco’s and Annie too – or Boardners, I’m easy. (obviously)  I put some edgier shots up on site for your hubby ; )   still a tad artsy – but I’m getting my slutty edge kicked back into gear 😉 Funny how I so want to please your husband lol

Hannah: I’ll head him over there 😉 You are so kind to my husband.

Liz: I think your hubby will like its girl on girl. Keith actually came to this shoot – big step for him, I’m actually very proud of him. He’s so shy.  he was blushing as he came in and both girls sat on bed, topless, only wearing little panties. He shook their hands and you could almost hear his thoughts..eyes …eyes.. look at their eyes…not there bare beautiful.. hot nipples lol. I did the “kiss me” session as a message for him lol – and I threw in the pissing one because I know it turns him on.  He came in to watch her stand over the toilet.  She was wearing my black suede boots and I told her not to piss on them!  She did very well. Afterward Keith and I went to dinner and drank, had a very nice night. Still didn’t kiss me.