cover up!
January 14, 2013
DP in my future!
January 14, 2013

Nathan: I’m here with my sister. Her date just left. Good looking black guy. I wish I could see her hot black tits and brown nipples right now!

Liz:  OH! the sister I like!? Your adopted sister, the hot black one!!

Nathan: Yes the sister you like.. I wish she would show me her big tits!

Liz:  Yes she does have beautiful tits –  I got a first hand looksie and groped for a bit, to bad she was self concious of you and her hubby being in room watchiing. lol.  Oh fuck! Have her come to LA when you come to visit!  She can … share my bed.. I won’t molest her at all…ish! lol

Nathan: I do wish I could stick my white cock between her black tits!

Liz: Give your sis a kiss for me… seriously.

Nathan: She just went to bed. I took her to guest room and plugged in her ipad hoping I could catch a glimpse of her fat tits or tight ass.  If I kissed her for you it would probably have to be between her legs. The liz special..

Next day-

Liz: Is your sister still there?

Nathan: no, shes gone nothing happened …damn it. I wanna suck some hard brown nipples!

Liz: Yeah damn I wonder if she would slap you , resist you (at first lol) then submit while you suck her nipples and move down to her beautiful (I’m guessing) brown pussy she might struggle but you know its just for show – and she wants you to keep going.

Nathan: I want her to submit I want to shove my cock between her tits and into her mouth. Make her gag I know she wants it I wanna slap my cock on her tits then slap it on her pussy. On her clit I know the slut wants it… just like her sister. the other one I fucked.

Liz: You should have just done her!

Nathan: I want to slam her! But my sis is so weird . Maybe I should just grab her head and face fuck her. Then love her. I want to slap her ass then shove my cock all  the way down her throat.

Liz:  you should have at least face fucked her. oh well I’m sure you will have more opportunities do you stay in touch with your x bro in law?

Nathan:  yes my x bro in law really wants sex with you and me I told him I would try for next time you are in bay.

Liz: Nice or bring him to the bu!?

Nathan: He would come down south for sure! He likes to party He gives me cialis! he keeps saying he likes to watch I tell him that u will change that!