December 17, 2012
Mondrian and Michael
December 17, 2012

Liz:     I saw Keith when I was in bay area ..he’s back to no kissing but I sucked on his nipples as if I were kissing him lol he got so hard but still would’nt crumble.   We layed together and touched each other I get off on his leg while I suck on his nipples

(hes still ok with that lol) we saw each other for like 3 days in a row.. which is good for us.

Hannah: Keith is a freak! He doesn’t kiss or fuck, but lets you “use” him in all these ways. I’ll bet he’s just gotten into a submissive fantasy with you. So many men yearn to be used by a woman for her sexual pleasure, and he can pretend he’s helpless and therefore be guilt free while he’s getting off on all this big time. Bet he jerks himself raw afterwards!

Liz: Yeah.. but I think (to be honest) I must be getting off on this too – otherwise wouldn’t have put up with it for so long. And one night (was a really fun night) here in NY I got a little drunk and started texting him spitefull drunk messages , the kind you regret later, texting he was an asshole  and why don’t you kiss me etc. After a few back and forth text messages when I asked about the kissing and relationship stuff he wrote back saying “I’m not going to go down this path with you again. I just want to make sure your alright”. I sent him a message a little later, saying it kinda turned me on that he got all “authoritative” with me – about what he would and wouldn’t talk about. He sent back a “ahh good to know, will have to remember that”. So I could be encouraging this ..  but it really did kind of turn me on. And I do love his leg..and his nipples.. so whats a girl to do!

Hannah: It’s good you both know what you like. Most men give in to you so easily I can see how this would turn you on.