July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

7 – Attractive


8 – Went the extra mile





general details

I have seen Liz twice now. She was my introduction into this scene. Liz is easy to contact, easy to talk to and very good with newcomers (no pun intended). I was able to play with no pressure or judgment what so ever. She is a little older, just so you know but nothing is off limits.

The Juicy Details

I had a blast both times. Liz is super cool and creative. It feels more like a friendship than just a business relationship. Last time she brought a friend, I can’t remember her name. Cute little girl, young and a little inexperienced but with Liz as a guide we all had fun. Started with a little wine and chat. We talked about ourselves It was totally like Liz and I were seducing this young lady, which is exactly what I wanted. After we loosened up with DFK between Liz and I, the two of us invited our friend into the bedroom. I enjoyed daty on our friend as Liz gave me a great rimming. She is a specialist at the RIM. There was so much back and forth it is tough to tell what the course was. I remember being in the greek islands with Liz working a huge toy on our friend, this is how i finished the first time. After some relaxing and watching a show between these two I was instructed to get to finishing off our friend. It took some time, she is insatiable. I finally finished round two and we laughed and went through Liz’s toy box, some of which needed explaining. Without a doubt I will be in to