July 27, 2010
Radio Inteview with Colombian station
May 27, 2011


It’s always strange when I get into this mood to not book a hotel. Not sure why it happens, and why I do it, but it always seems to turn into the most interesting nights to leave it on the edge like that. I woke up late, around noon still on CA time, I would have slept until 1 but something woke me up “early” and I realized I had to check out at noon, I have been booking days at hotels one night at a time, because I’m  getting 4 stars really cheap the later I wait by booking on line.  I called the reception desk asking for a late check out and they said they are sold out and had to have me out no later than 12:30 – I was so groggy and my room was a mess even in the short time I was there. I was on the 49th floor and overlooking ground zero, happy to say, looks like some progress being made. Oh I know what woke me, Keith texted me ;  ) 

Ok so I throw all my shit into the bag and ask for it to be stored, only having 29 bucks on credit card thanks to all the hotel pending charges for incidentals that take 10 days to drop off, I think it’s at 900 now for pending money tied up.  So I figured no big deal it’s a beautiful spring day, gorgeous weather in NY and figured I would just take day off.  So I wandered around looking for a rite aid to reload my prepaid credit card, but took my time, walked around the city found one and loaded it then went into a Starbucks to get on line, but couldn’t get on for some reason so decided to go back to the Hilton where I left my bags. I went to bar area and ordered a screwdriver.  This guy sat next to me and struck up a conversation – he works with churches or seminaries and he asked what I do, I said.. “uhh well I don’t want to shock you”.  Well turns out he got so turned on, wrote down my email address and website, and wants a signed copy of book when it comes out.  He left and I just kept ordering drinks and just going with the flow.  Then another guy sits at the table next to me, even though there were plenty of other empty tables.  We start chatting and then his friend (another guy) comes to join the conversation.  I was telling them what I do, and they both pulled out their phones to pull up site at the table. We were hitting on the women that were pushing the Mojito mix the manager sent the Mojito girls home because they were apparently too slutty for the Hilton we were very disappointed. I told the guys about my French squirter to see if we all wanted to party later because they had the main suite at the Hilton, and I was partly thinking that would resolve my hotel stay issue for tonight plus be a lot of fun to have a 4some.

The guys had to leave and I had an appointment too that I was late for. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet up later if the French hooker came through. My client was somewhat annoying the way he texted. He kept texting me one liners.  So I get to this super quaint hotel – lower east side called the Blue Moon. I guess I was an hour late – although I had no idea. I was standing in hallway talking on the phone to captain captain about organizing the French hooker for the guys that I had met earlier at the Hilton. My client was standing there when I was just finishing up call, probably talking loudly he motioned me inside his room to finish up phone call after I hung up he said he had to go to dinner and that I seemed buzzed (I was) and added I was really late and kept asking me in text where he was – I only asked twice, but I was definitely buzzed. The guy was really hot, and I loved the room. Plus I didn’t have a place to go at this point and had my luggage in tow. I’m sure it’s not what he expected it’s not my usual self; even I could see how he could be put off. I had talked to Keith on the way over to the Blue Moon hotel his voice so sweet and loving. Like a hug.   I was so scattered emotionally from the conversation and so achy for him. Really missing him so much just numb myself from it.  This guy standing in front of me now, wanting me to leave, which I have never had happen before began to have sort of a weird confrontation, like a lovers quarrel  – it was very strange.  I think he reminded me of Keith, in fact he did. His body and hair were almost the same or at least close enough. I totally played out everything on this guy especially when he didn’t want me, telling me to go. All of a sudden I had to have him. Had to make him see how good it would be.  Instead, he gave me 40 bucks to take a cab (and get lost basically) I apologized to him and left. I went to the lobby which was quaint and intimate, just me and the night watchman – very sweet black guy. I told him I had a little spat with my bf – and can I get on line downstairs. He gives me code, and he says to me everything in NY is sold out because of the shoe convention, and everything is 1500 what is left. I had seen that earlier, just didn’t know why.  He said tomorrow it will be better – so I tried going on line and kept getting dropped. “My” guy leaves for dinner seeing me and passing me in lobby and we began texting each other – got really strange, because it was as if it was very normal – but then I was still a bit buzzed and horney. I sat and chatted with hotel clerk for I guess about an hour and then my guy came back thru lobby.  We had been texting quite a bit at this point and he invited me back up to his room but took me a while to go up because I was logged in on the night hotel guys computer and had to get my suitcases back up – I get to door and hear his TV on and he won’t answer the door. Talk about getting mixed messages from this guy then I’m knocking and calling him feeling a bit pissed off, much more sober now. And just feeling like I want to fuck this guy liking the challenge. So we start texting again, I’m in the hallway and we are texting like crazy at each other – we do this for about 15 minutes. And I realize this is totally out of the ordinary.  Lol I tell him I should just go piss right here at his door on the carpet. And he seemed to like that. I said please and sorry a few times and assured him I’m not crazy although even I’m beginning to wonder.  I really wanted to do this guy.  He finally opens the door wearing a white t and white briefs – his hard cock bulging and big. Lol

I knew when he opened the door I won.. lol we were about to rehash the night, and I said, cant we just start fresh. Clean slate, or do you insist on “punishing” me for being late and buzzed. He said I’m not punishing you, clearly acting out my Keith issues on this guy – we spoke to each other as if we had known each other for years – or at least I did, and I guess he just started to pick up on it too and respond in kind. It was one of the most bazaar transference I probably have ever had.

I smiled and just kinda let myself in. I told him I had to piss badly while I played with his nipple thru his shirt, thanking him for letting me in.  I said I needed to piss and I wanted to go on him he said he would have to get his head in the right place for that so I began to kiss his neck and pull off his shirt. All seemed so natural – very strange. Then I pull down his pants, and his cock kind of bounces out – hard and big and he takes his hand and starts it up my thigh and realizes I don’t have panties on under my new white summer skirt (really cute) he’s totally turned on now, probably from the weirdness of the whole situation – but I go down on his cock and suck it (you know how I love that) and then I say I can’t hold it anymore. The room is gorgeous btw – and the tub is super deep.  We go in together and I start pissing on his cock while he’s rubbing it up against me.  We end up fucking in the tub for a bit, no condom which is almost never done on my part – but this guy felt so different. SO good looking. I would say.. 32 hmmm. Great body and eyes – blue. And sandy blonde hair. Probably a 9 inch cock. Maybe 10 I tell him to move it to the bed which is fantastic medal headboard that you can hold on too. We have intense sex – even where it’s like I’m being “forced” like I’m scrunched up and held down and at one point he puts hands around my throat – I have only done that maybe one other time – I get very very turned on by it – but has to be in the right setting and the right person. It was such a turn on. He fucked every hole and I took it like a champ – I was so into it all. 

So I take a quick shower after the fucking and say sort of off handed like glad we worked things out. And then left thinking I will just go to Starbucks and find a place to crash even if it’s the y or some dive. I will just sleep. I hadn’t heard back from my French hooker anyway.  As I am about to go, the black night hotel man says – guess what we had a cancellation.  Do you want a room still (I had told him my dilemma earlier) I said, “oh god that’s great! Yes” – he said, do you mind if it’s next to your bf’s room.  I laughed and said, should be fine. I texted my guy to tell him I would be a quiet neighbor I was really worried he might think I was stalking him lol

So my room is not only right next door but we share a balcony with no divider. I sent him a message telling him to be an “intruder” in the morning and fuck me – I really hope he does.