Fabulous O!
January 11, 2013
cover up!
January 14, 2013

Liz: I love life its really amazing what a ride ya know?! I’m at 4 seaons just about to hook up with 2 couples (a 5some) adds spice to marriage..I’m guessing. Happy to be part of the spice. You should see this crowd… Only in LA ..would you get such an incredible hot slutty mix (laugh) no wonder I love it so much.

Keith: Have a good evening.

Liz:  Thanks I wont get too drunk and text you. 😉

Keith: ok, thats good!

Liz: one of the couples are here, I wonder if you would like them. She’s an engineer – mechanical, that’s right up your alley. Shes into astronomy too – another similar interest. If your looking for a mechanical engineer to hire, I have a couple for you 🙂 my HR side. just trying to be helpfull lol  I should concentrate on my couple ( 2nd couple cancelled) I’m sort of not interested for some reason. not sure why.maybe I’m burnt out on 3 somes!  ok..  good night I can tell you tuned out.

Keith: hi, no, just out walking the dog.

Liz: Ok I swear last text lol – good thing I’m not texting so much lol this is bad…but I think this couple is too conservative for me…man I’ve gone to the super kinky side!  …I’m… jaded?.. is there any “hope” for me!

Keith: A naked engineer woman sounds exotic to me…. you should focus on your work tonight or they gone already?

Liz: its hardly work but yeah should concentrate on them .. I guess.  I hate to sound spoiled but Ive had like 4 3 somes this week I am quite honestly for the first time feeling like its too much. I will “plough thru lol . I will be thinking about you though while licking her pussy while he fucks her. I can get in there.  I’m guessing she has bush….you like that. not really my thing…but cool enough. I think you would like her, she’s smart, loves kids and open minded..oh wait that kind of describes me lol   Her husband isn’t bad btw in case that interests you .. tall also an engineer and musician nice combo. surfer athletic type but not overkill. good night.

Keith good night. Have fun!

Liz: I called it off with couple.  I’m just not into doing it, if it doesnt feel right .. ya know  Maybe I just need to sleep plus I’m so concentrated on my porn  videos I’m shooting on Monday,  I dont know.. I want to switch it up. maybe its just me missing you – but forget I said that because you pull away when ever I tell you that so .. forget that .. I dont miss you at all 🙂  Im taking a cab back home, I had my car back briefly after paying 6k in work done. 6400 to be precise, I was on freeway when it started to smoke. like almost burst into flames. I literally called 911 fire dept. they rolled up sirens blaring 3 cop cars in escort quite a site Firefighters very (Very) helpfull and cute trying to help but finding the engine is next to impossible in that car (mid engine) I got towed back to mechanic..will be another 2 k to fix this particular problem

Keith:  Prius are reliable. you could get a red one!  I’m off to sleep now. Good night. You should do a story on your car someday.

Liz:  Im thinking about getting BMW.  I have to have fast and sporty like a z 4 …or 3 not sure of number but now that im so invested in my car hard to know when to call it quites put so much into it ya know? Guess its a metaphor for …relationships 😉  I think Iv’e invested close to 30 grand .. or more possibly ugh ..good night  sleep well I will still think of you even if Im not licking pussy while getting fucked (tongiht at least) good night …big big – really big hugs to you.:)