Bob the Billionaire
December 17, 2012
My “son” coming to visit
December 18, 2012

Liz: It was like a baby was maybe..half an inch!
It was ..really like (imagining of course) like sucking a baby – super strange. At least deep throat ..wasn’t an issue lolHannah:  Hope all he wanted was for you to suck it, as no way to fuck something like that. So sad for these guys. Was he normal height and weight? I had one like that once, but the guy was sort of dwarfy, maybe 5 feet tall. Was he embarrassed? Married? Can you imagine being married to that?
Liz: He was a really nice guy,  was in his 60s really in shape, good looking guy very rich. Unfortunately was a terrible kisser his tongue just kinda wandered all over my face lol and he stuck it out…all on its own lol for his little penis all I could do was suck it, and he liked it just in my mouth. I really couldn’t go up and was seriously like a little baby. I just swirled my tongue around and he came – poor guy, no cum, no prostate and I couldn’t find balls…either..but didn’t ask about where his balls went..maybe they were just minuscule in proportion with his…cock – I don’t want to sound bitchy..but really cock is almost…the wrong way to describe this lol

Man I have been so busy! Business before Christmas only compares to how busy I get right before Mothers Day. Guys can easily get out and say they are shopping and the extra money out of account goes unnoticed or wife or Girlfriend  think he got her a gift with that 3 or 400 missing bucks.

I had an interesting night last night – I was thinking after my 22 year old left how interesting the contrast of clients I get. Right before him I had a mega rich older guy, super huge cock and dropped easily 500 for a massage …plus. we talked about the new boat he was trying to buy. Then an hour later this young kid walked in, super cute but I thought..geez should I ask for ID. He drank and is an “artist” worked at  an in and out burger until he got fired. he was SOOOO into me – to the point it was slightly irritating that he kept holding back cuming. We were well over the hour (not that I’m a clock watcher) but I said something like your not planning to spend night are you as a joke but his eyes lit up and he said oh I would love to …I had to gently kick him out but as he was getting his clothes on – I asked if he lives with his mom and dad..and he said no (sensing family drama) He said, I’m sleeping in my car tonight.. I have been couch surfing and am just going to sleep there – no wonder he looked so excited when I made the comment about sleeping over. This guy was super clean though – and dropped the 200 (gave him a discount) pretty nonchalant – so .. not sure what his full story is – but he was very talented.

Hannah: I would love to be you for a day! Maybe that poor guy with the tiny penis never had any balls. That could be why his penis didn’t grow. Or…possibly he’s an inter-sex person, where a hormone problem kept his genitals from developing into either male or female. Could actually be genetically female, but “masculines” through hormone blockage before birth. so many possibilities. It probably spurred him to get rich and successful. Has to be so hard for him to whip that thing out, right?
And don’t you feel privileged that the 22 year old spent his last dollar to fuck you? He’ll probably be back as soon as he scrapes together the next $200!