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December 25, 2012
Fabulous O!
January 11, 2013

Liz: do you feel like going to Sunset Lounge tonight?

Annie: Hmm its so windy . I’d like to though, maybe if I can get a ride  I’ll let you know.  If not tonight, maybe when I get back from New O at the end of the month.  How have you been?

Liz:  I’m good .. I just got car out of shop yesterday, over 6 k in work and just had to pull off freeway, the car started smoking it looked like it was about to catch fire – I had to call 911 for fire dept.  Had a fire truck role up – super cute (of course) firefighters . By the time they got there,  the smoke had pretty much stopped but the smell was horrible. It was pretty scary. The firefighters were really sweet to me, took them forever to figure out how to open the mid section of car to look at engine. They were there for over half hour partly chatting and really tryring to be helpful even though it was pretty clear at that point the car wasn’t going to burst into flames.. It’s kind of funny because  I get a lot of calls from fire fighters and wondered slightly…if any of them might be one that have called or would recognize me lol. It’s bazaar the world could be burning down and I would still think about getting fucked..

Annie: Oh my god! Maybe time for a new car..and your money back?

Liz: It was kinda cool truck with siren pulling up and then 3 police cars come too.. quite a spectacle lol police standing next to me while I’m getting a call from guy asking for menu lol lifes little ironies.

Annie: Only you!