July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

7 – Attractive


7 – Hot time





general details

Liz was easy to get ahold of and we set an appointment for that night. Her place is in a cool building, don’t let it be that it’s downtown dissuade you. I got buzzed in and went upstairs. She met me at the door and had a little conversation over drinks. She’s athletic and older, nicely dressed in a mans shirt and boots. If you go to her website, I think you can get a very good view of her looks. After a while we got started with the massage. We both got naked and I got on the table.

The Juicy Details

I let her take the lead without too much commenting. She did a little rubbing, mostly sensually, using her body on mine. She moved down to my butt and started rubbing up and down on the crack with her leg. She put a finger up my ass and moved it in and out slowly. Felt great. After a bit she got out a large dildo and put a condom on it. It was pretty big, but she gently put it in. She didn’t really move it too much, which was good. I turned a bit and she started rubbing my cock. She asked me to turn over, with the dildo still in my ass and then began to stroke my cock more. I asked to take a break from the dildo. It was cool, she used her chest, tits, stomach and even her face (forhead, cheeks, nose) to stimulate my penis. I asked her to stick her finger back in my ass, and controlled her from making me cum to soon. She said I could cum as many times as I wanted, but I wanted to wait till the end. I stroked my dick as she laid back, still with her finger in my ass, and she started rubbing her pussy.

She got a long dildo and slid it in her pussy and got herself off as well. Before long, she slid the long dildo out of her pussy, and with one stroke slid it up her asshole! I voiced my approval, and she was about to grab another dildo, presumably so she could have both holes filled. But I said I wanted to haver he use a strap on on me, so she stopped.

Even though we were short on time, She put on the strap on and did me from behind. I realized i wanted to be on my back so I could see, and flipped over. This was much better, she stuck it in and stroked me off. I came in 2 seconds. Afterward I had a shower and left feeling great.