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January 11, 2013
texting with Keith
January 14, 2013

Liz: I had a fabulous O last night…  man was it good!

Uncle.Perv: Were you dreaming of Keith?

Liz: no I never do, not for that. I almost had one yesterday with a guy, but then he switched it up ..probably 20 more seconds and I would have been “there” it was a bit frustrating, somewhat a tease and denial deal. So I got myself off, I have to have a disgusting dirty thought, which is easy enough for me to come up with, the dirtier the better the O. I thought about one of my photography students (or 2) fucking me in dark room closet. 17 didn’t go to young in my fantasy. Ive had that fantasy before ..its a good go to

uncle.Perv: Naughty teacher, huh? Corrupting our youth.  So not only cougar, but nympho teacher too?