Really brown
December 16, 2012
Told “daddy” ! oops!
December 16, 2012

Liz: oh my! and Michael got along.. ummm.. very well. If I tell you what happened …you have to promise …promise not to tell anyone! – it was pretty hot.

Hanah: Please, please, please!

Liz: Ok.. but promise not to tell! I liked him right away, besides being cute as hell – nice body, super sweet. He comes upstairs and I offer him a heineken – we drink and start chatting effortlessly – super great flow – funny and easy ..super funny – both laughing and flirty really wild felt like I knew him, but maybe just because he reminded me of his Dad.  We talk about sex – explicit and graphic (of course)  – we talked for about an hour, on the 3rd beer and the more we talked the more our eyes would kind of like hold.. you know that look you give someone that you just know you are going to fuck…or something. So he asked me about the sizes of cocks and I told him how when a guy is small at least I feel like I can take the whole thing in my mouth.. but large and thick was much better for fucking. I told him I was working on ‘perfecting” my blow jobs – as much as I do it I should totally have it down.. but I have a small mouth and really just want to take it all – big or small. I said, I think I’m… good but … then he says – you want to do me so I can tell you if you need to improve (or says something like that) I wasn’t really listening because he was already standing next to me unzipping lol . So I start off licking him and we had talked about rimming so we go into shower together first – I soap him up. Hes hard as a rock and large (I guess ..just like Daddy)  god hes hot as hell. So we go to my bed, hes so cute – in my big bed with down comforters he’s on his back ..ready to critique lol so I do my “best” and I have to say, I went all out..I wanted to be “good” .. he came pretty quickly and he gave me “high marks” lol  We went back to my diner and he was ready to go again (22..ya know) we started off with a titty fuck and then he ended up in my mouth again : )

Don’t tell him I told you though!!

Hannah:  Oh, you naughty, naughty, lucky, lucky girl! I just knew he’d be big, and I touched his arm and chest when I was telling him about you, kind of surreptitiously checking him out, and could feel he had a nice body. I just bet he’s told his Dad!

Liz:: lol that’s kind of hot..if he did tell his Dad! Vinny emailed me a few days ago saying to send him photos and stories of real life adventures.. might be more than he bargained for though.. maybe will email him later and make it like an anon person.. and see if he recognizes who I’m talking about. That could be kind of interesting.

Hannah: That’s a great idea. Say a young guy with in the gallery biz came to talk with you about a show!

Liz: lol…that’s subtle. kind of kinky though huh.?. : )

Hannah: If Vinny knows you did his son he’ll jerk himself raw

Liz: that is so hot.  I actually don’t think son would mind if I somehow make mention of it, he knows I’m “open” anyway – I have to say I woke up this morning feeling a tad guilty I mentioned it – but I’m so used to telling you everything lol and it was so fucking hot.

There’s one…more thing and I swear you cant tell Annie I told you! she would kill me – but I told  Vinny  about it and I think it got him “going”. Annie ended up staying the night that night we all went out for drinks, we didn’t have sex or really make out or anything, I think we were too drunk to really do anything but we spooned naked ..very sweet actually and at some point in the night I woke up and realized I was stroking her breasts.. she was making sweet moaning sounds..not sure if she was fully awake, then I passed out again.

Shes going to stay with me for a night or 2 in Malibu.. but don’t mention it to her! I was thinking this morning how funny it is that I have done his assistant and his son all in just 2 days lol

Hannah: You know, I didn’t think she was able to drive home, but when I asked her in the morning she acted like it was no problem. Won’t say a thing.