texting with Keith
January 14, 2013
Nathan’s sister
January 14, 2013

Property owner:  just a remider house showing is at 3 today,  please cover up large nude print lol in your bedroom!

Liz: I didn’t get original message about a showing today.. what picture needs covering?

Prop owner: The big nude in the bedroom

Liz: I don’t really have a big nude…in bedroom? I wonder if you mean the big red print ..wow, must be extraordinary conservative potential buyers! just legs..well slightly spread I guess.. OK, I will cover. Can’t imagine that would be a problem..but OK. I have a mannequin in bedroom …with big boobs.  I don’t have “her” dressed I can throw a shirt over her, she has extra large boobs.

Prop. owner: – ok. thanks.

Liz: OK – all is covered up. shirt looks kind of hot on mannequin might keep her “respectable”  for awhile at least. lol