Making new friends in Paris!
July 24, 2013
Making new friends in Paris!
March 16, 2017
  I went into this petite sweet charming sex shop wheeling my suitcase from one hotel to the next, a bottle of Bordeaux sticking out the overstuffed bag. I needed to get some lube so decided to go in. I went in and parked my bag rather clumsily, me kind of sweaty lol and said my bonjour in my American way, and started scoping out the store, could see the entire store by standing in one spot, saw some cool toys and some lingerie stuff but was really on a “mission” to get the lube.  I didn’t see any so thought (sort of to myself) how do you say lube in French? I struggled with l’oil and lubricant..etc the woman looked at me completely blank, thought I was saying nude and handed me some nude panty hose lol I pointed to the toy (nice one) and tried to “emulate” putting lube on the toy lol
the woman looked at me like I was crazy – probably saw the bottle of wine sticking out of my suitcase, and thought she had a loony in her sweet little sex shop. I ended up buying a bottle of some gel like thing for 35 euros (like 55 bucks) as I reluctantly shelled out my euros, I saw it was bubble gum flavor and tried to go thru the process of asking is she had…flavorless I finally thought oh fuck it.. it will make the cock and ass tasty at least. lol
I had brie and have a bottle of Bordeaux and have a view of Eiffel Tower so in a good mood –