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December 17, 2012
What happens in Florence, stays in –
December 17, 2012

Liz: I just shot Chalissa (our engineer orphan girl) she was good – needed a lot of direction (first timer) but she has potential I have to go thru shots later. We shot at the Bonneventure in those glass elevators – she wasnt shy at all, and at one point a staff worker came in and she barely covered up – he smiled and was cool with us shooting naked in glass elevator lol

I am late getting out of here ..driving up to SF and wont arrive until 10 or so tonight.

I wanna fill you in on “Michael day” at Mondrian and party night at Abbey …etc  when I get to SF I will have some alone time and not so rushed and can also send you some pics of Chalissa.  She is coming to NYC with me to play.  ; )

Hannah:  Ah, too bad you’re leaving town. Annie and I were just saying we should all go out for drinks tomorrow.

So, Chalissa spent 25 years picking herself out of the gutter of her birth and now she’s climbing back in, huh? Just kidding, but I never would have guessed she’d be so eager. I imagine she really does need some money to pay those loans, though.

Funny, just as we were emailing yesterday, Michael walks in. He’s all smiley and happy and I have to pretend I don’t know anything. Keeps asking what I’ve been doing and so I ask what he’s been doing and he says, “Just working”. OK. Then he says his girlfriend just left yesterday, so where was she on Saturday? And then, this older woman comes through the office and I don’t pay too much attention, but he comes back in and says, “Have you met my mama?” and he brings her in and leaves her with me for an hour. She’s very nice, but it was hard to know what to say. She’s here for a couple weeks, I think.

Liz: I just got a text from Chalissa said she wants to start dancing. I assume pole dancing lol.  if she was mis-innocent before.. the 2 of us sure as hell unleashed her!

Hannah: Yep, we’ll go straight to hell for that one!