NOVEMBER ISSUE Penthouse Magazine Interview!
September 24, 2011
last night
January 14, 2012

I have my car in the shop so called a cab to go to the grocery store. A yellow van drove up and the taxi driver told me to sit in front seat explaining it was too hot to sit in the back. I’m wearing a short summer skirt, super cute..the kind you can “frolic” in. Some tall boots, no stalkings to hot, and my legs are tan and smooth. They actually glisten from the sweat and glow from the tan.. even I’m getting off on how good they look. The driver is checking me out which I’m pretty accustomed too .. but still never take for granted .. I smile and tell him to take me to Ralphs I hop in my skirt hiked up as I pull myself up into high seat. he says the streets are all closed because of half marathon, he suggests we go to South Central and I look at him…like he’s gotta be kidding. I tell him to take me to Whole foods on Fairfax I am sitting there and we chat while I’m texting other guys that I will see later that day. His eyes are like a laser on my legs and I know he wants to touch them.. I am feeling pretty sure that this is going to be a free ride. Just at that moment he says in a thick Russian accent, You don’t have to worry I am not going to charge you for trip back and I will wait for you at the store, and puts his hand on my leg like a pat of reassurance– clever really. I didn’t flinch at all in fact may have slightly opened my legs more, andI said, oh wow, thanks that’s very nice of you.

Every so often he would be brave enough or find another reason to touch my leg again..and hold his hand there a little longer then would rub it. I pushed his hand back slightly when he wanted to go further up. I wanted him to work for it, makes it more exciting that seduction and his nervousness of how to do it.. how to seduce me ; )
We parked at Whole foods and he came in with me and pushed the cart while I piled in organic foods.. He loaded my groceries and began our ride back. He started on my legs again and I reached over and rubbed his cock, he moved his hand up and was surprised to find no panties and shaved. Not sure what surprised him more. lol .. I said, oh yeah, I’m not wearing any panties and he said, you are ready to go. He wanted to see.. I told him he should keep his eyes on the road, but we hit some traffic and he looked down and pulled up my skirt, I asked do you like it, and he said, yes, I do.
I was wet and a bit sweaty – but it all worked well together – this wouldn’t be a guy I would “normally”go for, but the fact that he was someone I wouldn’t normally fuck..made it slightly more exciting. This guy was clearly a leg man and I found myself wanting him to move up to my tits. He finally raised my top while he kept driving, now down some alley ways near my place, I thought about having him pull over.. but I was into the scenario as it was – the tease and his drivingwhile feeling me up wondering if pedestrians or cars passing by could see. I wasn’t wearing a bra either and my shirt was tight fitting, not too slutty.. on a slutty scale- I would give it about a 6 lol – I personally thought my nipples looked great, and really wanted to pull his head onto them and make him lick and suck but we were now close to my place and there were people out and about.
So he dropped me off, I’m sure he wanted to be invited in, and I was tempted to take it to another level, but instead had another guy over and then after he left got myself off –thinking about what I would have done with my cab driver – how dirty (and fabulous) it all felt. I liked my cum fantasy too about my driver ; ) all sooo good.