July 25, 2011
July 25, 2011

8 – Really Hot


9 – Forgot it was a service


Super Friendly


Sexually Charged

general details

I have seen Liz quite a few times within the last couple of years, and never get tired of the thrill. It’s like meeting her for the first time all over again. She had scheduled a trip to Europe that fell through and I was lucky enough to catch her on a quick visit to the Bay Area. I showed up at her hotel and said I wanted a massage with something different. Well that’s all I had to say, and once we disrobed and I showered, she ordered me in a stern voice…

The Juicy Details

Get your ass on that table, slut! I, of course obeyed instantly. Liz is a natural sensual Domme. No faking it, no acting, she is a real take charge full blown hot domme! She is like an empath. She will talk with you and have you down pat in just a few minutes, whether you are a domme or sub, she is down with it. She started oiling my back, then a languid massage, and after a few minutes, left the table and came back wearing a strapon. Wow! I had very little experience having my ass fucked but she is the quintessential expert at it. She fucked me from the rear, then had me flip and fucked me missionary. I jacked myself off as she fucked me faster and harder. After she was done with me, I showered and left her room with a tingly ass. What a feeling from this uber woman!