What happens in Florence, stays in –
December 17, 2012
had the tiniest Penis today!
December 17, 2012

Liz: I’m in Vegas at Trump hotel. It’s very nice..you should see my tub! I will take picture of it (probably with me in it). Keith gets in tomorrow  :  ) I’m so excited to sleep…and “hug” him lol. I’ve had a few vodkas at trump bar…  I’m feeling slightly elated

Hannah:  I sure hope he behaves for once. Give him knock-out drops and rape him!

Later back in LA-

Liz : I have a shoot planned with 3 guys and me in the scene I have most guys lined up.   Im going to text my young boy and have him over during a week day so you have opportunity at least to maybe come if you want. I understand if you cant, but  will at least do it when theres a possibility. It will be my christmas present you can at least get a whif of him.

Hannah: That would be a yummy xmas gift. Just a little sniff…

Liz:  still on for  tomorrow?  It’s not the same guy – the one I wanted for you has to work during the week. But this guy is cute – hes 29 kind of on the old side, but he’s eager. I think we are going to do it at 2 or 3 I told him to text me tomorrow to get actual time.  I had fun in Vegas rode a mechanical bull with no panties on – Keith seemed to like it, said I should have taken off my jacket too lol so at least I know hes got some sexuality still swimmng around in his head. We felt each other up a lot and snuggled and had good time overall.

Hannah: He is cute, but I have to work all day. I thought I could get my boss to push back my deadline but he wants it done before Chistmas so I’m chained to the desk for the next six months. Makes me envy your life.

Liz:  ok – is that  “our” friend Bob that your working on to get this finished?  If he ever asks about me tell him he should ask me to dinner… if you don’t mind : )  but don’t tell him I said that though, don’t want him to think I’m “after” him. I have a business idea I want too run past him non sexual … It’s my corporate side lol :  )  oh..wait ok… I forgot my corporate side is slightly slutty too lol but I’m not into him that way.

Hannah: is part of that, yes. I am still trying to get him to sign his agreement and emailed him two days ago threatening to have you sit on him while I guide his hand to sign. He liked that a lot!

Liz:  lol I would love to be any help you need : )

Hannah: We’ll toy with him whenever he returns here, though he may be scared. Going to Chicago on Tuesday. Don’t know how i’ll feel after having my ass frozen off!

Liz: give Bob  a kiss for me  : ) while your there! lol

Hannah: I’ll let you do that 😉


Liz: How was your trip, are you back?

Hannah:  Just back from Chicago, where Bob and I discussed you at dinner. He finds you very “interesting” and would love to have dinner with you next time he’s in town, but made it clear he would never do anything to jeopardize he’s married. Just wants to talk…so he says.

Liz: Thats cool on Bob. Didnt know he was married..I can behave. When is “my” Bob the Billionaire cumm…uhhh coming out to LA to take me to dinner?

Hannah: I’m sure Bobby boy is scanning his calendar wondering just when he can plan a trip to LA where he can plan a dinner without his assistants. He was worked up ;-O